Element 4: How to Demand Progress

I was once talking to one of my mentors, he asked me, so how is everything going? I said, everything is going great. He said, What are you basing that statement on? And I said, I just feel in a really good flow like I’m making progress. And he said, Okay, what do you have to show for it? I was stumped. I realized that yes, I was working hard. But what measurable progress, could I point to nothing. And he then went on to teach me a very important lesson. He said, Look, feeling good is great. But until you start to develop this mindset that I want to share with you, you’re not going to start seeing the results you want. What’s the mindset? I said? He said, the mindset is constantly demanding progress. It’s the mindset of everyday demanding of yourself to move in measurably closer to your goals and to ask yourself every day did I move measurably closer to my goals? It’s the mindset where you don’t look at if you spent a lot of time working today, and you don’t look at if you feel good, you look at measurable progress every day. seems so simple, but unless you think about it, and make it a regular part of your thinking, chances are you’ll fall into the trap of not making measurable progress. You’ll write things on your to do list that don’t move you measurably closer to your goals, you’ll follow through on habits that keep you stuck. And you might have no idea that you’re not moving forward, because you’re still totally busy. And some part of you thinks that being busy equals progress to Jhansi. Maxwell, the author of several best selling books on leadership, once said that a goal is a guide to daily behavior. A similar way to look at this is a goal is something you have to make measurable progress towards every single day. If you can’t do that, then it’s not a goal. It’s a wish, you want to get to a point that you feel like you’re on a mission, a mission to make measurable progress every single day in on a mission where you demand of yourself every single day that I’m going to get everything done that I said, I’m going to get done. I’m going to make sure I’m committing to doing things that actually matter. And when I write something down, I don’t look at it as just a suggestion anymore. It’s an order it gets done. That’s element number four demanding progress every night, you want to ask yourself, Am I measurably closer to my goals today? So how do you act on this? reflect on your last week and ask yourself this question, am I measurably closer to my goals this week? Then ask what changes do I need to make to make more measurable progress this week, and another thing you can do to make measurable progress is to set up daily habits that automatically move you toward your goals. We’ll cover that in the next section. By the way.