Don’t Believe the Myths

And so I’m going to encourage you don’t believe the cynics are the myths. first myth is you have to make a lot of money. When the truth is you simply have to be able to live within your lifestyle within your means. The second is that less gets done in a four day workweek. All depends on the person, some people make the work fill the volume of how much space they have. So sometimes if you have a four day week, because there’s a holiday on a Monday, let’s say, or maybe Thanksgiving week, if you’re in the United States, and you’re working a three day workweek, you might still get stuff done. You do it quicker, and you get it done. Because you have to there’s more focus or if you have a vacation coming up. And another myth is that it has to be four days times 10 hours, which if you work a 40 Hour Work Week, that’s just taking a five day work week times eight hours and squishing it into four days. Now sometimes I do that, but a lot of the times I’m working 28 hours, sometimes 24 hours, 32 hours. So it’s really all about getting the results. And then a lot of people think you have to wait for somebody to give you permission, or you have to wait for something to happen tomorrow. Now if you work for somebody else right now, it might take a while until you can make all this happen. If you work for yourself, you can start moving this in direction. Either way, you can start creating the plan to help you get there. And I can tell you that the juice is worth the squeeze, it’s worth the effort to figured it out. If I had to figure it out again, or if I have to in the future, I’ll do it. Being able to have that extra day off every week to be able to be present, to have energy. I happen to like playing beach volleyball, I have my Fridays off I have time I’ve energy to do that. Come the weekend. I’m fully present and available for my wife for my kids because I’ve gotten some me time. I’ve had some time to recharge. I have time with my wife, all these different things. And in addition to that, during this whole process, I’ve been able to travel to different parts of the world live Oceanside in North America and South America. My wife sir Originally from Peru, we lived down there for a total of four years at different times. And so I’ve been able to enjoy all these different things and the effort was really worth it.