Documents Relating to Safeguarding

The first area where you need procedures then, is for documents relating to safeguarding that arrive in the practice. So as a service provider, you may receive documents or information relating to the safeguarding of a person in your care. for medical practice in England and Wales, these might include child case conference requests for information and minutes, looked after child assessment reports. multi agency at risk assessment reports called merax. PvP, which are police reports about domestic violence, letters of attendance at accident and emergency clinics. And also a hospital appointment did not attend letters called dnase. Now if you’re a different type of provider, you may get some of these documents. You may get none of them or you may get different documents. Nevertheless, whatever is received the information on Reports needs to be processed appropriately. And here we present a process that might be used for those documents. So in your document process, the document arrives in the organization, its information is reviewed by a trained person against your protocol for safeguarding. It might be that specialist input is required specialist consideration of the documents so it should be routed that way. Otherwise, just safeguard against mean input might be appropriate. Any action taken should be recorded on the service users record. Their service user record should be updated and your safeguarding register should be updated as well if necessary. And of course, there’ll be regular audit of this process to ensure its effectiveness. There must be clear ownership of each stage in the process by a trained safeguarding staff member to ensure that every piece of information is processed correctly. There must also be a protocol guidelines to review the information against in order to decide the next steps and regular audit ensures that everything has been processed appropriately.