Do More Things You Enjoy and Less Things You Dislike

Then the next thing to do is decide that you’re going to make 12 changes over the next 12 weeks or even 12 months to how you invest your time, labeled 12 activities you’d like to change, indicate how many hours per week you’re currently invested doing these things, maybe at zero, maybe it’s too many. And how many hours would you like that to be? indicate the change and the hours you’ll be investing here? and indicate where will you reinvest those hours. So you might say, I’m no longer going to do activity a, I don’t enjoy it as much, I’m gonna now do activity B, instead, I’m gonna do activity C, whatever it might be, to get very clear, because there’s math involved here. If you’re freeing up five hours, you’re not going to get to do 10 hours of new things. There needs to be a correlation for this to work and be sustainable. And then in each of these cases, set a target date for when you’re going to do that. As with all exercises, I encourage you to pause and take the time to do this again, This program is not so much about me philosophizing for you. It’s more about me, helping you understand what you need to do create the life you most desire.