3. Discovering Negative Ideas

Hi, I’m Johnny Jones. So in the last video we talked about what negative ideas are. In this video we will be talking about how to discover them. But before that, let us do a quick recap of what we have learned. Before we move forward, let’s do a quick recap on what negative ideas are. So the seed costs for all forms of suffering states of the mind come from negative ideas. Negative ideas are ideas we have inside which promote self rejection. These can be simplified and understood as self declarations beginning with it is not okay, for instance, it’s not okay to fail. It is not okay to be arrogant. It’s not okay to be angry. And when you become attached to negative ideas, for instance, it is not okay to fail when this negative idea especially triggered, for example, by an outer experience, when you fail or when other people fail, all levels of the self will experience it a bit differently. For instance, the physical self will experience it as negative physical sensations on the body, the mental self will experience it as negative thoughts, the emotional self as negative emotions. the totality of this experience is called suffering. And this is experienced all at once, because there’s no separation from within. So negative ideas at the seed cause for all your own happiness, for your negativities for all your fears. So now let’s talk about how to discover the negative ideas from within. To begin, let us understand that the mind is consciousness. It is energy. So in essence, negative ideas, consciousness, you Energy. More precisely, they are energetic distortions. But it is hard for us to understand negative ideas this energetic distortion. So that is why I have transcribed them into self declarations beginning with it’s not okay. Because anything that you put afterwards will become a negative idea. But negative ideas can be transcribed in any way. So it’s really up to you how you wish to transcribe them. So it would be great, right? If we say, if when we experienced the suffering situation, we can just get the negative ideas like that. But in practice, it’s not so simple, because of several reasons. reasons because, for instance, firstly, because we do not know our mind enough to know what’s going on in the mind when suffering experiences have And that is why I keep stressing on developing the knowing of the self. And this can be done through meditation or yoga. Now the second reason is because negative ideas, a new thing. You see in life we’ve only been taught how to transcribe our experiences through emotions and thoughts. through practice, we have learned how to associate different emotions with different kinds of experiences. We have learned, through experience through practice, how to write our experiences down into words. But negative ideas are like an expansion to our consciousness vocabulary. So we’ll take a bit of practice to get used to it. So at first you will be clueless, you will be guessing that the more you practice The more you will become capable. So the solution to this is to just try at first to transcribe your experiences through negative ideas. And that will help you to become better at discovering them. Now, the third reason is because the third reason as to why it can be hard to discover the negative ideas is because when we experience suffering, our mind will be in a confused state, in a negative state in a reactive state. In such a state, it’s hard to focus once oneself to simply observe what’s happening within. For instance, in a situation where you couldn’t get what you want. For instance, your boss refused to issue a pay raise. Your mind would be so focused on what should have happened. Your mind would be so focused on the anger on how to To deal with this situation or on the negativity of failing, you would not be really in a state capable of just observing aside to discover the negative ideas. That is why the practice of meditation can help you greatly because you have to develop stillness. To be able to remain calm in such a situation to simply observe the negativity, let them go to discover the negative ideas within your experience. So through practice, of trying to transcribe your experiences into negative ideas, that is how you become better at it. So don’t give up the first time when you try. Because most likely you will fail, you will be kissing a lot, but with practice, it will become easier. It will become better. So just try your best to transcribe Suffering experiences and two negative ideas. And sometimes it can be difficult because within one suffering experience, so many negative ideas can be happening. And that can greatly confuse the mind. Oh, and a good practice is to practice writing down your thoughts and emotions about a suffering experience. I think you can find the template I’ve given you. I think it was the deal number 16. about writing to know yourself, can use that template to help you to get your emotions and thoughts down onto a piece of paper. And this will help you to associate negative ideas with your suffering experiences. So in summary, negative ideas I like an expansion to our consciousness. vocabulary, it will take practice, and a lot of guessing at first to get a right. So just try your best. And practices such as meditation yoga can help you greatly on your journey, because they can help you to develop the stillness and the knowing that you need to discover your negative ideas. And the next few videos, we will be talking about how to transform the negative idea. So I’ll see you then.