Develop Your Course

Hi yes Welcome to step five more or less than five in 10 years idea concept your book into an online course with ease. Now at this level, there’s the way the real deal is we’ve done audience analysis of ideal audience create a course online, we’ve sold the cause of injury, people are ready. Now it’s time to do the road. That’s create the cost. So once you’ve done that, you know that there’s a market for the cause we’re willing to buy anything because I already knew the hardware. If you decide to do video, buy a course online visit time you to invest in a good DSLR camera or use your phone. If you want to use your phone. Then you to buy some accessories to enhance your phone to decide on what you so if you can do text based trainings means you don’t need much you just need to align your courses right right them step by step the process where people can follow through with easy daily extra instruction. So when you’re doing a text base, because machine instruction is clever, Without any ambiguity actions are classes that people can follow an interaction if you’re the video you kind of script your outline and make sure you get your recordings setting. So what I advise you to do I start with a minimum buy gifts always try and record using the recordings to the so you people that sessions you’re getting recorded for you then they probably master and produce your videos for you. If not, you might want to set us your smartphone if the camera is good. Many some extra accessories like maybe the clip on lenses to add on to your camera lens to ensure that you have a good camera you may want to invest in a lapel mic there are so many of them for your your your camera or your phone. No to invest in a gimbal performance to grip old standard tripod is a little accessories you might need for your phone does you need a extra clip on lenses or lapel mic to get extra quality sound or you could have said the USB connection for good sound cables too. To hold your your phone properly or your DSL cameras properly without shaking vibration, and a good tripod and all of that so once you get all these assesses when you have a good laptop you can record directly so you decide on which day you want to use the recordings to do your sessions you get a recording, let them produce it cut into sections for you, or then you you go you come up to follow the next process so yes of our recording your your your video, so this stage you record your videos, right the lesson plan online do everything that you need to do to ensure the course is completed. So I am using a DSL camera that are connected to the laptop and recording directly so you can set to use your phone you can use one single camera invest in one of them. Then decide record, use the editing software to cut your videos or get an extra hands. You can even do all these online tools. I’ve listed all of that in that it won’t use screen recording that Using karma there are software’s if you’re if you’re if you plan on using screen recording as a ScreenFlow like you do a PowerPoint presentation or buy your slides as a training, then make sure you have your PowerPoints more than lesson by lesson prepared. Then you get your laptop ready or your phone you want to use your phone to just recording he get that ready. Then all they need to do now is to use the recording software so I this software like a power you can just come test yeah is available tinytake comes to do body cam all these are available software to help you screen record so as you need a presentation online you can record in his like the slides and then use that as your lesson so you can set up a slide presentation of which like Public Speaking of which speaking and printing, using a presentation, record the screen, low of your slide and use that as your training or you have an extended camera over you two or three cameras or one camera you decide all these then go ahead and put Teach you good sound when the good son and the content is ready, you’re good to go. So, get your course done at this section. Make sure your outline is ready if you’re using video equipment, yup, all that you’re setting is your phone that are the extra accessories you want to use a screen, flow with presentation software, get all is ready. Record record record cuts in make errors re record can always then up properly, and you’re good to go. So, in instinct five, lesson five. This is where you do your raw job, record or produce your costs.