Detach From the Situation

Welcome to my video on detach yourself from any situations. Let me just start with the story. Once there was a very poor old farmer, he was a kind of very hardworking guy. So he works day and night in a scheme and the most important thing that he had for hardworking his horse. So one fine morning this horse ran away from the field of the old farmer. The Villages felt very bad for this farmer, I started consoling him for what has happened. The farmer just looked at the villagers and told them we will see and the next morning, the horse which had run away bought two other fine horses along with them into this model. So the villagers, once again to the farmer, that something good has happened to you again, the farmer told them, we will see. So after a few days as Pastor, the farmer’s son wanted to take riding lessons in these horses, so he started a mounting upon one of the horses and wanted to write them. This horse became so Oregon on the situation and through this guy away from my body. This former son had a fracture in his leg and was crippled, and now he’s taking wetrust. So, things were started moving like this, and after a few days, it was actually a time of war. military officers came into this village and started taking children by forcible eviction that they wanted to be enlisted in the military services. So it was kind of mandatory nothing or nobody could do any thing about the situation. So these people came and visited this farmers farm and saw those farmers son even though he was the age for a military has been there. with him, but since he has broken and unselect the military often stories unfit for military duty. So and they left him by the time of the evening his religious all came to the farmer and told them Oh my dear farmer, look it up situation has turned out for you Even though your farmer is broke is even though your son has broke his leg, but he was not enlisted is made weak so that he could spend happy times with you, the farmer again, replayed, we will see the moral of the situation moral of the story is, no matter whatever the situation or the circumstances or whatever happens in life, the moment you detach yourself from the situation and look at it from afar, things will be better life in life, there is no situation as a good situation or a bad situation. It all depends upon how you take it. Don’t attach yourself to any situations the big problem with versus during the happy times we attach too much to the happier energy and During this sad times, we just wanted to run away from the situation life is not like this, it cannot be happened you from the story I just want to want you to understand that move away from the situation and look at the situation with a clarity of mind, then there will be never a bad situation or a good situation only the lessons that you can learn from this division. Thanks for watching this video. I will see you in the next video. Bye