Delegate Everything You Can

Now in step eight of the four day workweek gameplan, I’m gonna look to delegate any of the essential activity that can be done by a competent other person. So in step seven, I said, I want to just get rid of stuff, that’s just absolutely wasteful. Step eight, it’s not so much about the work being wasteful, it’s more that I could get somebody else to do it. And I could do it in a way that’s profitable for me, I could do it less than what it cost me per hour. Or I could do it less than what I could make per hour. So even if this person this example makes $25 per hour, some of the time, but $100 per hour, or excuse me, $50 per hour, other times, if this person could delegate something, even at $25 an hour, if they were able to then get more clients at the $50 per hour, then that would be worth it for them. doesn’t always mean you delegate that you’ll make the money back but again, that’s it Then you can play with this person says, I’m going to delegate the bookkeeping, the website maintenance, and sometimes doing those automated or those autoresponder email campaigns I get somebody else to could execute most of that for me. And that would save me 10 hours a month. And so if I’m accurate here with my estimates of my plan here, that would save me 20 hours per month, or 240 hours per year. So hopefully now as you start seeing the math, you’re starting to see what a big difference this can make for you. If these assessments are right, even if they’re somewhat right, so we don’t have to get everything accurate or right on target. But we’re setting expectation of what we think can happen if we do this accurately.