Define Your Program Goals for the Next 30-90 Days

One of the first things we want to do is get clear about your goals for the program. Each step in the journey has certain milestones. And each of those milestones have certain goals that are related to those. Now people go back and forth about whether they write down goals or not sort of a quick reference to a study maybe you’ve heard of, it’s the 1979, Harvard Business School MBA study on goal setting. What they did is they tracked a group of graduates of the MBA program at Harvard University. And what they found was that 84% of the class had set no goals at all upon graduation. 13% had written down some goals, but they had no clear plan of how they achieve those. And 3% had written down their goals and they had concrete plans. 10 years later, what they found is the 13% that wrote down their goals. Were making two times as much as those who did not write down their goals. And the 3% that both wrote down their goals, and had a clear plan on how to get there made 10 times as much as the other people in the study. Now, money is not the only measure. But certainly that’s one measure that indicates productivity, results, and ability to be successful. So what we want to do in our situation is get clear on the four main areas we’re focusing on in this program, relationships, time, money, and things. What are three positive changes you’d like to see in the upcoming 30 days? And what would that mean to you? If you could do that? Why is that important? knowing why it’s important is so critical, because it’s the fuel to really help you understand why you do the work. So let’s be clear, there’s going to be probably some work involved here. It’s not going to happen by itself, but the work has to be worth it. And you have to be able to really sell yourself on why it’s worth During the work if you take on an exercise program, there’s got to be some reason some reason why some vision that lets you understand that. Yes, I’m doing work in the short run. But there’s something better waiting for me in the long run. So I encourage you to complete this all the way through. This is the first of a series of exercises in the program. And this is really the most important to get clear about what you’re doing. So take some time. When the video is done here. Write down your goals. If you have any questions, please put them in the comment section below. And I look forward to as I always do, helping you create the lifestyle you most desire. She can make more money and last time, do what you do best and better enjoy your friends, your family and your life. Thank you.