Decide to Move to a 4-Day Work Week

The fourth step, in the four day workweek game plan is to decide your measureable goals for making your vision a reality. So what specifically am I going to do to make this change? And what am I going to do that by? So to go to the beach on Sundays, I simply need to adjust my schedule. And I’m going to do that this week to go dinner and dancing. Number two, I’m gonna need to get a babysitter for the kids. And I’m going to do that this week. And to play basketball, I’m going to need to work late on those days because maybe let’s say I do have control over time. And maybe I can decide when I work, but I still need to get a certain amount of work done. I might say, okay, on those days, I’m going to work late. And I’m going to adjust my schedule, and that allow me to do that. So the first step, the big picture step is to see this so we talked about In these 12 steps to see it to list it, envision it scheduled and decided, by the time we’ve done Step four, we’ve really laid out all four steps of what we’re looking to do. Now, you will have your own information here. And I really want to encourage you that this does not need to be this huge list. It does not need to be 20 things or 15 things or even 10 things. Whatever it is, it’s going to make the biggest impact on your situation. So it might be one small thing it might be too small things might say, Gosh, wait, I’ve got kids. It’s been forever since I’ve been out on a date with my spouse. Just doing that once a week would be awesome. That would make such a big difference. Well, sometimes that one piece might be worth so much more than a lot of other smaller pieces combined.