Debug and Cleanup

Okay, in the last video of our series, we’re going to make some adjustments and some tweaks, and clean up the level and make the game look better overall. So the first thing we want to do is actually hide these borders. Now that we’ve set those all appropriately, let’s go down to rendering and select hidden in game. All right, now if we do that, and we hit play, the borders won’t show up at all. The next thing you’re going to notice is when you shoot and blow anything up, there’s no points actually being calculated. So what we’re going to do here is we’re actually going to go to our UFO, we’re going to set the score multiplier to t. So this way, it’s two times 100 plus the the current score. So then it says the new score value. So it’s going to be let’s say the first time it hits a UFO, that’s the only thing is hit, it’d be 200 points. And then we’re going to do the same for that BP Astro. We’re gonna set that multiplier to one. Overall, it doesn’t matter where you set it as long as you target that, that score multiplier and set it. And now, when we go and hit play, go for that. Either that’s 200. Let’s hit that asteroid, 300 400 and so on. So great. Let’s make sure everything else is hidden. Awesome. So another thing you’re going to notice is when you go into, let’s say, new editor preview, you’re going to notice that, hey, the lighting is a little bit different, it’s a bit wonky. Actually, that’s a bad example, if we do standalone game, you’re going to notice that everything’s a little bit wonky here. It’s actually dimmer and darker. So we’re going to turn up the brightness overall. And you’re going to notice that the rotation rate is a lot quicker So, let’s make some adjustments there. Let’s turn up the directional light. Let’s make it 15 Lux, save and then we’re going to go to our fire pawn, and under ship rotation, we’re gonna drop that down to, let’s say point two, and hit play here. And let’s see now what a rotation rate is and how the game looks. It’s a little bit dark still, but the rotation rate is much better, much more smooth. So we’re going to play around with that lighting a little bit and I’ll come back to you guys with an update. Okay, so we made some slight changes to the, the camera actor we actually disabled the blend Wait, so we look under camera after And then go down to post process. If we go up there and it’s post process blend, wait, we set that to zero. So that way is not going to be blending in with that. And then we made some adjustments to the directional light, I set it to two Lux, and I, then for the sky map, I set the power to point four in the scene brightness 2.1 and let the start brightness at 10 if you like you can configure the glow as well. So for example, if we want to control the globe, we can open that up. So the sun blueprint, we open up a sun map. We don’t want that sun map. We want sun map and we go down to glow crank, we can actually dim that slightly There we go. Nice. Nice look. I also rotated the earth to give us more of the less cloudy Look there. And then, you know, let’s hit play and let’s see what how it turned out. So you made it noticed right there that the laser the BP laser to did not kill me. So let’s look at the BP laser off. We do not have an event after overlap. We’re going to do the similar logic below. So let’s take this and we’re going to tie it to that BP laser one. So then on then overlap All right, now let’s see when that laser overlaps with us, that should kill us. Okay, so we’ve made quite a few changes to the underlying structure for the UFO. So the UFO now for this has an Event Begin to play, and it’s going to trigger the overall firing rate. And then for the BP laser, we actually set the projectile movement to 1000 instead of 2000. I notice it was going a little too quick. So if we go ahead and do a standalone game and we launched it, you should see a significant improvement. With the overall firing rate, and then also show you one other change I made. So there you go now it’s a little bit less. Get back collectible. There we go. Excellent. So everything came out very well. So like last thing I want to show you that I made a change to was the overall for the UFO body. I rotated at 90 degrees. And that was really the last piece of the overall puzzle. So again, everyone I really hope you enjoyed this course. Please if you did enjoy it, please give it a positive review. And if you did have some run into some issues, please let me know via the comments section and if you upload your code to GitHub, I can take a look and help to bug it with you. Thanks everyone for watching. Have a great day.