Day 7: Peace, Harmony, and Deserving

Congratulations on reaching day 7 of this course!

You have been practicing diligently the breath observation and objective observation along with your new sensation. These are all vital for making a change long-lasting.

Today, we push out the time of your breath observation for 11 minutes. Take the challenge of this self-meditation. Accept the fact that your mind wanders. You cant make this exercise perfectly, so accept this.

The scope of this exercise to keep bringing your focus back to your nostrils, smoothly and effortlessly, without any reaction.

Now come back and continue the recording.

The second part of today’s meditation teaches more new sensations: Peace, harmony, deserving, happiness and joy. it is vital to teaching your body on a cellular level to make peace and harmony a comfort zone.

Whatever you do in life, do it while keeping your peace and harmony is the mark. You must learn to use all your new sensations and genuine behavior based on love, kindness, and compassion so you keep your peace and harmony.

You may need to walk away from things and circumstances because your peace is a lot more valuable than anything else. Your peace and harmony are the keys to linking you to your intuition, where the truth lies and you find it always there. The truth is the right way.

Hello Hello these seven What a wonderful wonderful day and and having you here on this course it’s been a bliss for me. So today we are continuing to have peace and harmony very important feelings peace and harmony is the base portal for your knowledge linking you to the universe. So with that we are also going to learn acknowledgement acknowledgement very important thing very important thing so close your eyes let’s get started. Let’s go through the acceptance is accepting your thoughts physical feelings and emotions exactly the way they are allow them to be Now being the focus of attention your last three years as practice breath observation. keep bringing back your focus and your attention from thinking and wondering smoothly smoothly back to observing how the air is touching inside of your nostrils. The only success of this exercise is how smoothly you bring back your attention to your nostrils. You will realize that how your daily routine what you did in your daily life correlates to your meditation how your mind jumps all over the place. And don’t practice hatred. don’t generate hatred because you don’t like your mind is jumping all over the place because it does. It always will. The more calm peaceful use During the day, the easier your meditation gets. However, know that this is only a practice time without any success or achievement. The only achievement you’re looking for is practicing bringing back your attention smoothly as effortlessly to your nostrils and feeling the air touching inside of your nostrils. So now stop the recording. And let’s make a challenge for 11 minutes today 11 minutes, set your alarm for 11 minutes and read all by yourself. And once it’s done once you are done, I will see you back here. Let’s begin. Welcome You’re back. Close your eyes back. Bring your attention focus away attention to your heart. Generate peace and harmony and harmony. feel peace your entire heart and entire chest, abdomen, Hips, legs, arms that can have bees. Peach bees or yourselves who’ve been fighting peace. Let make peace, your comfort zone inner peace. Inner Peace what you experienced in the state of being existing that’s where you are now. When you become no one you don’t know what time is it you don’t know what day it is And you don’t know where you are. That is the feeling of existence being the inner peace. Enjoy this the inner peace. Let’s practice harmony. The love harmony, sensation of harmony in your heart, in your chest in your abdomen hip, legs, arms, neck and head, harmony. Learn harmony to be your new comfort zone peace and harmony. Whenever somebody wants to make you hurry, or anxious or fearful grow, act with peace and harmony. You need to teach them become an example for them. And whichever sensation life instructions and tools you have by now we need to practice the top of the top sensation which is deserving, deserving, deserving, all. deserving to accept and be grateful to be patient and calm. MPs will earn harmonise to have self esteem self trust, contentment, abundance which creates the deserving for happiness and joy. Teach Yourself says happiness and joy from your heart, chest, abdomen, Hips, legs, arms, neck and head. make a commitment to yourself. You stay peaceful and harmonious which links you to your inner truth and you live by only this truth, this knowledge, the knowledge which is the light in your life. And whenever this knowledge comes on life comes to life, it comes with the ability that you will be able to do it. Remember, only things come to you as an information or knowledge, which has the equal amount of power or ability for you to get it done. Or you will need a person or all the sudden a circumstance happen that you can learn it or a person will come will help you let go or one things and cravings and just allow the universe to bring you everything and with the objective observation and observing your breath, you will be able to handle everything and anything because everything changes all the negative sensations. What you learned for the first seven years of your life, need to be retrained, transformed and the baseline work is teaching your body for these new sensations which will give you new life skills. And whenever you’re ready, come back to Earth. tree, a city, a wonderful home, which now filled with patience and calm and a peace and harmony. And you may open up your eyes. And thank you, Nana stay. How are you? Please send me feedbacks, how are you doing? How is this course. And I like to ask you to continue your work, because it took you a lot of a lot of years to have these habits which you have now. And you need to retrain your mind for the new wiring for new behavior and it takes time and it takes practice. And then again, I like to bring you my 12 week course where we can make the entire transformation or whatever happened in your past, turning into an empire. In future for you with new life skills are these transformations needs to be done so you can let them go and use this personal information for yourself. Because you will realize all fears and panics and depression and resentments will be bringing you True Knowledge how you need to be living your life now. So you stay happy, healthy, peaceful and loving. For this you will need to visit your past. So let me give you this, how to do this with my guidance. And this is a course going through 12 weeks of fine very serious consultations. And if you are not ready for the 12 week course yet, my book is also available the secret of happiness locked in your fears on Amazon. So please check it out. And you can do We’d like guidance in the book, a homemade version of this program. So check it out, see what you can do for your own self in the comfort of your home. So as your consultations are going through online, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, so happy practicing, and I send you all my love for you. Thank you Please, this is Dr. Zsu.