Day 6: Courage, Self-Esteem, and Self-Trust

Welcome to Day 6 on this course. We are extending your practice of breath observation, objective observation in self-meditation.

Today, the length of your self-meditation is 9 minutes. Once you are done come back and continue the recording.

The second part of today’s meditation teaches more fundamental sensations/vibrations to make goals and make them come true. You will need courage, self-esteem, and self-trust. Trust yourself only!

Why? Because all the knowledge, which is necessary for you is within you. Your intuition carries you all this information. You just need to trust and follow your intuition. This is the portal the universe makes so sense the truth, the right way, and shows you the right action. Be courageous and trust yourself, finally.

And know that whatever happens, you have the tool of objective observation to deal with anything in life to gain the knowledge, that particular event supposed to teach you.

Hello Hello the six doctors shoe here you are doing fabulously on this course. And today we are going to progress to teach our body another new sensation courage and self esteem. courage and self esteem self trust. So let us get starting to work so close your eyes. Let’s go through the acceptance is accepting your thoughts, physical feelings emotions what currently is in your body right now and in your mind, in your soul in your heart. Allow them all to be then bring the focus of your attention to your nostrils. Let’s begin with the graph observation. Exercise. He’s feeling how the air is touching inside of your nostril. keep bringing back the focus of attention to your nostrils. So whatever your mind when thinking and wondering, bring it back smoothly, effortlessly. Now continuing with the challenge, set your alarm for nine minutes and let’s start with observation. Welcome back. Wonderful job. Wonderful Joe, nine minutes already, keep your eyes closed. Now let’s start generating courage in your heart courage. Courage fill up your entire heart. Just a Domine lacks arms neck and have courage. Teach yourselves to be courageous. You are the one teaching your own body for courage every single cell. If this sensation is lacking in you, I’m sure you know someone who is courageous copy down. Make believe cent couraged every single cell in your body courage. Now come back to your heart. Generate self esteem the feeling of self esteem, self trust whether it be love your heart, your chest, your abdominal legs, arms, neck and hand, self esteem, self trust. Now by the time you are doing this exercise you realize that your trust lies within you because all the knowledge is inside you. If you remain in the present moment, you are open to your intuition to the universal knowledge. And this is all what you need to stay calm and patient. This portal will be here open Maybe the five, five minutes or already 90 minutes of your breath observation you are extending, extending the practice of the now being in the now. teaching your body for courage, self esteem, self trust. Trust all the knowledge which is within you is the truth and commit yourself living by the truth you always sense what is the truth. So be courageous. Step up for the truth step up for yourself. And when you do that, you will have the extra power, the ability to get it done, whatever that is. Whatever makes you bees full and harmonious other decision that is the true way. Whatever makes you anxious and fearful. That is your mind is jumping in to distract you to keep you in fear. Wonderful. Whenever you’re ready to come back to Earth, your own country, your city, your own home, you may open up your eyes. And thank you and namaste. They have a courageous self esteem and self trust Field Day. Keep practicing all day, every day, every month, every year, year after year. Thank you and I will see you on day seven tomorrow. Thank you