Day 5: Letting Go

Congratulations on reaching this very special day in your meditation course.

Today, we continue to grow our practice of breath observation and objective observation via self-practice. The length of the self-meditation today will be 7 minutes.

In the second part of the meditation, we learn one of the most vital feelings/vibration, which is letting go.

Today is the day to let go of all negative feelings, emotions, and cravings. Let go of all non-serving behaviors that you have been attached to. Cut all your attachments. Let go of all your cravings and wantings.

Learn to feel comfortable in the state of letting go, or emptiness. Only emptiness can hold. You can only be open to your intuition in this state of emptiness.

This is the Now. The Now provides you information through our intuition resolving things in life.

Hello, hello, bride Good morning for you the five here on your meditation course. So how are you? I hope you had a very patient than candy yesterday and we can continue working on our next feeling beaches, letting go letting go so close your eyes, at school through the acceptances accepting your thoughts stopping the fight so accept allow thoughts physical feelings and your emotions. allow everything to be including all the noises around you around me. Very Good Now bring the focus of your concentration your nostrils and start observing how the air is touching inside of your nostrils. Your job is to keep bringing back your focus from wondering and thinking to feeling the air edge of your nostrils. If you don’t feel anything at your nostril, take a few deeper breaths. Also, if you feel drowsy and sleepy, wake yourself a bit, a few deeper breaths and stop this recording. set your alarm for five minutes. If you can do my seven minutes, give yourself a challenge today and do this exercise for seven minutes. And once this is done I will see you here welcome you back, close your eyes back. And finally we arrived to practicing our key sensation that is letting go. Letting Go. Fill up the sensation of letting go. Your heart, letting go. Stopping all attachments. All obsessiveness, all attachments. Letting go fill up your heart, your chest, abdomen, Hips, legs, arms, that can have a letting go. With that allow all negative feelings to go. Allow your anger to go. Allow your hatred to go Allow all your animosity to go. Allow all your fights or your opposition. Allow all proving yourself to go. Allow all your cravings to go. You are good enough exactly the way you are right now. Because you are alive. You have abundantly. You learn acceptance, gratitude, contentment, abundance, patience and calm and you know the sensation of forgiveness. These are your new tools to live your life. So letting go letting go all people who are not serving You all relationships works. Practice the letting go feeling forces, cutting all attachments, attachments to your angers, to your fears, your panics to your depressions, your laziness your all negative feelings or attachment to your guilt and resentment. attachment to complainings let go all attachments. Now you have your new life instructions and new life tools to live by. So, you may talk about what you are grateful for. Talk about the abundance in your life. Talk about what you let go and what you have because of that, you are creating space right now, for a newness to come only by the feeling of emptiness being in the present moment opens you up for receiving more. So, accept, accept whatever comes to you whatever that is, you will know how to deal with it and on the end, you have patience and calm, you will see it served you Everything is for your own good to make you grow. Allow growth to take place. Your new comfort zone is emptiness. When you let go of all one things, not one things cravings. Letting Go ball control judgments, fears, all negative feelings or negative behaviors. Because you are accepting yourself and you have enough because you are alive. Practice letting go all day today and every day, every month every year for the rest of your life. And when you’re ready, come back to Earth, Indian country, into your city into your home and you may open up your eyes. And thank you, thank you Namaste. They have a beautiful emptiness day because only emptiness can all keep practicing this and I will see you next day. Bye bye