Day 4: Patience and Calmness

Welcome back for Day 4. We continue to deepen our practice in breath observation and objective observation via self-practice. I will prompt you when to set your alarm for 5 minutes.

The second part of the meditation teaches you two new feelings/vibrations. These are patience and calmness. Patience and calm are essential tools when dealing with yourself and others.

Wishing you a happy practice of patience and calm today and every day.

Hello there Friends, welcome back they for a wonderful day to start practicing very important feelings today after our breath observation. So today, the scope of our meditation will be finally patience and calm a very important feeling. So, let’s get started. Close your eyes. Let’s go through the acceptances. Accept your thoughts. Let them come and go. Accept your physical feelings. Accept all your emotions. Whatever may come up and surface up, accept them stop fighting allow them to be. Now again I am going to ask you to stop the recording. And do the breath observation by yourself. So again, just remind yourself that the scope of the exercise is not to do this perfectly, but to keep refocusing smoothly, effortlessly. So you keep focusing on how the air is touching inside of your nostrils. Mind jumps, everyone mind jumps, because there is not one person who can do this exercise perfectly. So accept that. Don’t link the success of this exercise to the fact that you could do this perfectly, because you can. So finally, accept the practice smoothly refocusing smoothly focusing. Now you may stop the recording, set your alarm for five minutes, practice for five minutes and then I will see you after the five minutes here. Very good. Welcome back. So keep your eyes closed. And let us start practicing our two very new feelings, sensations, vibrations, emotions and that is patience and calm. Patience and calm, generate patience in your heart. For every single heart cell fill up your entire chest, abdomen, hip, legs, arms, neck and head. Start practicing patients and every single cells you have patients. I’ll come back to your heart Generate calm the sensation of calm. let it fill up your heart, your chest, abdomen and legs, arms, neck and hand. sensation of calm. Teach every single cell you possibly react because you are missing a patient’s and calm as a tool, baseline sensation, vibration, emotion, patient and calm the sensation of patience and calm t teach your body cells to build a new comfort zone for them. You Patience and calm, staying aware, but patience and calm, staying aware with patience and awareness and calmness. Now, I like to ask you radiate out patience and calm your loved ones, your entire city, your country and entire world Empire universe. You see as you are practicing and you have fans, they also sense your patience and calm and show yourself with these new sensations of patience and calm and whatever you You do during the day, practice patience and calm every day. And not just one day. But every day, every week, every month, your entire life patience and calm. Be patient with others and be patient with yourself before becoming to react with suddenness, or suddenly action, stop, breathe, practice patience and calm then decide what you need to do, which serves everyone. Very good. A nice and slowly come back to Earth, your country, your city to your home and you may open up your eyes. Thank you. And unless they have a blessitt patience and calm full of day and let’s see how your day changed because of that. Thank you and I see you next day. Bye bye