Day 3: Forgiveness

Today, we are moving forward with practicing breath observation, objective observation. Now, you will meditate for 5 minutes without my voice by setting your alarm. Once you are done, we continue learning the next fundamental feeling/vibration, which is forgiveness.

Understand what is forgiveness on all three levels: forgiving others, asking for forgiveness from others and forgiving yourself.

Forgiveness is the way out of your past, while you gather your learning from the events. The learning comes from the transformation: what had to happen instead of what happened?

This is how you transform each situation and put these learnings into action in your life. Forgiveness cuts the pain cycle.

Let’s do begin forgiving and asking for forgiveness today and continue until you only have acceptance, understanding, compassion.

Hello again Dr. Xu here, the three of your meditation course. welcome you back. So we are starting again to start a beautiful morning for you so close your eyes. Getting into the stuff right now. Good. Going through this three steps of acceptance, accepting your thoughts, staying nonreactive and objective to them. Again, accepting your physical feelings anywhere in your body doesn’t matter where they are, and accepting all your emotions, whatever they are. negative or positive doesn’t matter. Allow them to be stopped questioning anything stop fighting against anything. Allow them to be keep the permission For your thoughts and feelings to be. Now bring the focus of your concentration again at your nostrils. Our baseline foundational practice, always breath observation for about five minutes. keep reminding yourself this exercise is not a breathing exercise, but an observation and a refocusing exercise. Keep refocusing, and your mind Don’t come back and continue observing the air touching the entrance of your nostrils. Doesn’t matter how many breaths you can stay on 1234 and five. Most important that you come back smoothly from thinking and wondering on to observing your breath. Now you may stop this recording Give yourself a little independent time and set your alarm for five minutes and do this exercise all by yourself. Five minutes breath observation. Without my voice, you know what to do. So let’s do it now. Wonderful. You are back after your five minutes of breath observation. Now we are going to practice our next sensation, vibration or feeling and that is forgiveness. If you have never seen forgiveness, you never said sorry, or no one ever said sorry for you. And let’s start copying those who have seen you can make a mental list of people who hurt you know you need to you need to get all your act together and your strength up to forgive them on the basis that they did the best they could. Based on the resources they had simply realized they had no better. That’s all they could do. So cut the pain cycle Finally, forgive them, it didn’t mean that they did, right. They did wrong or whatever they did. The fact is that they could do only that particular thing but they did. So accept that. Learn from it, how else they would have had to do in that particular circumstance. Now very possibly. These are life instructions for you how you need to be living your life. As you keep your eyes closed, let’s run the forgiveness feeling from your heart into your entire body. Just an abdomen, hips and legs, arms, neck and head. Forgive every single cells. If they are a little imperfect, whatever shape and form they are, put give them let them be. forgive everyone, whoever hurts you. Nine the next part you will need to make a list of people who you hurt. Realize that the list of people possibly will be exactly the same length, the list who hurt you who you heard. Now get all your strength together and say story to them. Because you also could do the best and that was the best you could do what you did back then and you hurt them. So you are learning from these situations that you need to stay a lot more patient, understanding and ask questions instead of reacting. seeking for understanding. Now the last one is to forgive yourself, for whatever you did to hurt your own self. Forgive yourself. Now, this will make you very aware whatever you do, who will you hurt? really hurt someone or will you hurt yourself? So steepish Observe your breath, wait until you do something consciously with awareness so no one will get hurt. So that’s why you are learning acceptance and gratitude, contentment of abundance and forgiveness to practice this in every day in everyday circumstances to cut the pain cycles. If there is any hardship you have with forgiveness, possibly you will need to work on some past experiences. Jim happy to guide you through through transformational exercises. Forgive yourself, cut yourself off from The past so called mistakes, learn, learn from them and do differently based on those wisdoms. Wonderful. Give this wisdom intact in you in every single cells. And whenever you’re ready to come back to Earth, into your country, in your city, into your home, come back and you may open your eyes and thank you so much. This was your day three. Thank you.