Day 2: Contentment and Abundance

Today, we continue to practice breath observation and add two more new feelings/ vibrations to acceptance and gratitude. These new feelings/ vibrations will be contentment and abundance.

Learn the fundamental cellular vibrations to financial abundance.

Deep inner transformation is based on retraining your nerve system to allow you to behave genuinely differently out of your heart.

This is the work you are doing here right now.

Hello, hello, welcome back on your meditation course, and this is your day two, and hopefully early morning, so good morning to you. And so let’s get started yesterday, you have started to experience with the objective observation through observing your nostrils your breath. So this is the base and the foundation of our work, which will remain every single day through that the course. And this is what I’m recommending you to practice day after day, week after week, month after month. And hopefully, it’s leading you to go away to do a professional course in this which is called the Vipassana meditation course. And you can find more information on that the VHA app dot o RG. So, let’s get started. So close your eyes and just allow your mind to be your thoughts to come and go. This let your thoughts to be whatever that is, allow it to be. Same way we go through your physical feelings. Allow them to be don’t question them. Don’t fight them, let them be. Don’t judge them. Let them be exactly the same way. Allow your emotions to be. Whatever kind of emotions are in your heart in your soul, just allow them to be. So then bring your focus of attention at your nostril. start observing how the air is touching inside of your nostril. As you are inhaling, the breath is running up in your nostril you feel the air touching your nostril is going upward and on you exhaling is coming down. Once you get good at this, you may just set your own alarm for five minutes and practice breath observation. So the whole idea is to keep bringing your attention back from thinking and wondering to observing your breath. And keep reminding yourself You can’t do this exercise perfectly because no one can all of ours minds. Our condition is jumping all over the place, pulling you left and right. So your job is to bring your concentration back your nostrils effortlessly smoothly without any reaction. If you’re gonna react to the fact that you can’t concentrate and your mind pulled you away and you get angry, you will practice anger. This is not the scope of this exercise, the scope of this exercise to realize that you can come back from defocusing to focusing without reacting it, it will teach you that what happens in life will actually depend on your reaction how you live it, how you interpreted what happened. So, whenever your mind jump, look at it objectively and come back and continue observing your breath. Similarly, when something happened in life, your mind john wanted to react something You want it to interpret? Then you stop and breathe. And you find out what is the appropriate behavior, communication action in that particular circumstance. Or you may just stay silent and breathe. Stay nonreactive and has no reaction to whatever is happening until you can have an appropriate loving kindness reaction or rather through action. Wonderful. Keep your eyes closed bring the focus or attention to your heart. Now you’re right Practicing, again acceptance and gratitude. You learn these two new wonderful feelings which are the foundation of love. So, generate acceptance accept every single cell in your heart in your chest in your abdomen lacks arms, neck and head. That acceptance radiate inside you. That means you allow every single cell to be exactly the same way without one thing than to change one thing to change them. Now similarly, bring back the focus of your attention to your heart, generate gratitude, fill up gratitude in your entire heart, all heart cells chest, abdomen, hips and legs, arms neck and had that gratitude as a thank you feeling being filled up in your entire body gratitude for every single second. Now today we are going to learn two more new feelings. That is contentment and abundance. So generic contentment in your heart, let it fill up your entire heart, your chest, abdomen, he lacks arms neck and have come to terms with the fact that you are alive. Your greatest, greatest valuable gift is your If that’s your life, through every single breath, you know that you are alive, therefore you should be content. This is all what you need for everything else. Teach Yourself to be contented. Next sensation or vibration or feeling to teach your body that is abundance. Generate abundance, feeling in your heart. let it fill up your entire heart, your chest, abdomen, Hips, legs, arms, neck and head. Abundance you abundantly have because you are alive You are alive. You will, because you are alive. You have and you are good enough by the fact that you are alive. Teach your body the abundance feeling foundational feeling for attracting in financial abundance without learning without teaching your body abundance, every single cell teaching the abundance feeling you will you may have money coming to you but you will give it away. It keeps going away You won’t be able to keep it and use it to build your dreams. So teach your body abundance in the feeling of abundance you will be able to give love acceptance gratitude for others because you abundantly have keep practicing these four foundational feelings, acceptance, gratitude, contempt, contentment and abundance. And before your mind is asking you about contentment, why should you learn contentment feeling? contentment, feeling is not equal to be lazy and sitting back and laying back and waiting for everything to happen. contentment feeling is a feeling which will help you to patiently work for your goals. Because you already abundantly have therefore you will be able to work for you patiently It is time to come back from the universe back to your country. Your city your home and you may open up your eyes. Thank you so much animosity. If you have a chance, please repeat this exercise in the evening to you will have a much greater effect. Thank you This was Dr. Xu. See you next day.