Day 1: How to Get Out of Fear and Panic and Calm Down in an Instant

Let me share a wonderful exercise with you, which teaches you to get out of fear, panic, anxiety, depression, and all negative unnerving feelings and emotions in an instant.

Now using breath observation and objective observation along with acceptance and gratitude is the way.

Practice this every morning and evening and see the change in your world and in your life.

Hello, dear friends and Dr. Xu here, greetings for all of you. I’m so happy to see you here. So first of all, I like to introduce what we are going to do and why. I’m sure you know why, because it’s so much panic and stress and fear. And all and people tell you, you should turn inside you. And you should, you know, you should just take care of whatever is inside you. But then you would want to stay silent and you can’t do anything about it. Because your mind is just racing and it’s always a big, big craziness is in your head. So I like to show you something, which is many, many thousand years old techniques. It’s not mine, and I like to show you how you can use it. Even just five, five minutes in your life. How we can help you too. tremendously in what is happening right now. And it’s not just what’s happening right now, but all together in your life. So, I like to ask you to close your eyes. If you have anything against closing your eyes, then please keep your eyes closed. Just know that once your eyes are open, you have visual cues where your mind will always keep going. So it’s a lot easier if you are going to close your eyes. So if you are going to make this little commitment to yourself, first little commitment to yourself that you close your eyes and you keep it close for the entire time. And I’m going to tell you, when to open your eyes anyway. And I’m not going anywhere. And I’m not going to write you anything. So if you are ready for this wonderful experience, which is nothing else is involved, just you and your brother Then let’s do that. So I’m going to also close my eyes. Close your eyes, please. And just allow your mind to be it’s a very simple thing to do. start watching your thoughts like you would be watching the clouds in the sky, or you are watching a movie. Step back from your thoughts, start watching them. You will notice they come and go, this is the nature they always change just like everything else in life. Your thoughts are changing, you pull yourself back and you just watch your thoughts. Allow them to be stopped fighting them, stop wanting something else instead. Let them be. observe them without any reaction. Allow your physical feelings to be. You may be sitting on a chair or you’re sitting with your leg cross. As a matter how you sit in the moment. allow those physical feelings to be. It could be a feeling of some illness. Some other pains or stores or hurts doesn’t matter. finally accept them. Let them be stop reacting to them. Stop making them bigger stop wishing them to go away. Stop fighting against them. Just accept them. Let them be with this allow every noise in Your environment to be so as my environment, you may be going to hear my dogs. Allow them to be all the noises whatever that is. Now allow all your emotions, in your heart in your soul. Allow them to be stopped fighting against your own emotions, whatever emotions may be. Share that the fear anxiety, confusion, guilt, resentment. One things cravings. allow those feelings to be stuck fighting against them, just let them be. Pull yourself back, step back from your own emotions. Stop identifying yourself with your own emotions. Notice and realize you are not your emotions, because your emotions are also come and go. Just like your thoughts, physical feelings, your emotions are always constantly changing, changing. How can you be your emotion, if it’s constantly changing? Once it’s changed, you would be disappearing what you are still here. You are here to observe everything. Your thoughts, physical feelings and emotions. Give the permission for all to be stopped Fighting against yourself. The moment you fight against an emotion because you don’t want them you want something else instead, you are in a fight with your own self realize. Now bring the bring your focus onto your nostrils. start observing how the air is touching inside of your nostrils. If you don’t feel this touch take a few deeper breaths, heavier breaths to feel the touch the inside of your nostril, the edge of your nostril. You may be feeling that the air is traveling up in your nostrils on on the inhalation and traveling down on the exhalation. Continue to stay with your focus on your breath, how the air is touching the edge of your nostril or inside of your nostril doesn’t matter left or right nostril or both of the nostril that doesn’t matter. You will notice that every few seconds your mind jumps and it pulls you away. It jumps up and down and left and right. Just like for everyone who has a conditioned mind and all of us has it. Your mind always jumps you can’t concentrate more than five or six seconds and it jumps when it happens. easily and effortlessly smoothly. Come back and continue observing your breath the focus of your attention should come Without any negative reaction to the fact that your mind will push you away. If you start getting angry at yourself when your mind pulled you away, and you start wondering and thinking, you will be practicing hatred and dislikes. This is not the focus of your exercise of this exercise. The main idea here is not to link your success to how many breath you can focus on 1234 or five. Your success comes when you keep repeatedly pull yourself back and bring your focus back constantly refocusing smoothly, effortlessly from thinking and wondering until observing your nostrils and feeling the air touching inside of your nostrils. Allow your breath to be a natural breath. If you start feeling to be sleepy or drowsy, wake yourself up in a few deeper breaths. Otherwise turn back into natural breath. The moment you realize you are thinking, you became conscious, you became aware and you have a decision. You are going to roll that thought further. Or you come back and observe your breathing. So you do what you want to do and not what your mind Once you do, bring your focus back smoothly and effortlessly from the noises you hear your body feelings to feel all your emotions or your thoughts. Whichever point your focus away smoothly, gently bring it back to your nostril. Whenever your mind pulled your way and you start thinking and wondering, make sure when you realize this, you watch your thoughts, emotions, non reactively with equanimity not taking any sides not liking or one thing or one thing something else. Stop judging whatever that is there. Accept, come back and continue observing your breath, the air touching inside of your nostril. Now wonderful. We are going to progress to the second part of our award practice here. You can keep your eyes closed please. Please one of your hands on your heart. Now you can feel your breath as your as your chest is elevating and suppressing. I like to ask you to generate the acceptance feeling in your heart acceptance acceptance is a feeling that you generate when you don’t want to change something. You allow it to happen. So once you have this feeling, send it for this one breath, what you just finished right now. Don’t want to change your breath. If it’s shallow, it’s shallow. If it’s deep, it’s deep, doesn’t matter. It’s a breath and it keeps you alive. That’s the main thing here. That’s the most important the most valuable thing. We are learning the feeling of acceptance on our own body. Beginning with your breath. Your breath is always with you. As long as you are alive, you’re breath is always with you, you can practice on your breath. Now likely to extend the feeling of your acceptance, the acceptance feeling from your heart and let it really in your entire heart. All the heart says accept all the heart cells. Not really our acceptance your chest, all the chest says abdominal cells, your hip, your leg all the way down to the tip of your toes. Now bring the acceptance feeling from your shoulders down on your arm down to the tip of your fingers. Now With the acceptance feeling and radiated out through the cells of your neck and your head, lap acceptance, feeling, really from your heart, for your entire body, every single cell. You are learning the acceptance feeling on cellular level. You can only accept yourself. If you learn this acceptance on cellular level you teach yourselves acceptance, then you will be able to honestly from your heart genuinely accept everyone else, because you learn the feeling of acceptance. The vibrations of acceptance Now, let’s give you a little challenge. radiate out your acceptance feeling for your entire family, your loved ones, your entire city, except all the people all the beings and human beings, your entire city, then in your entire country and the entire world. Realize that based upon the fact that we are breathing, we are all the same. Just like you are fighting for acceptance, accepted the same way other people are fighting for him. So finally accept yourself the way you are and accept me One Else based on this. Wonderful. Bring your focus and your attention back into your heart. Now generate the gratitude feeling gratitude. Gratitude is a feeling what you feel as something is very rarely will happen in your life. Something very, very useful. generate this feeling from your heart and send it out for your one breath. We are learning gratitude. And first of all, we practice gratitude on every single breath and start celebrating every single breath. As this is the most valuable gift you can ever have. Your life is signified by every single breath Your life is the most valuable gift you You can ever have and it makes you valuable. Only if you are valuable received such a gift of life. And you were made to receive this to learn the most important to vibration sensations and feelings, acceptance and gratitude, which is the fundation sensations of love. The baseline emotion, the foundation of all emotion, love. Wonderful. If you can feel gratitude for each and every breath you take right now everything else will be a bonus in your life that you will be able to stay grateful for and you will realize whatever is happening in your life. You stay patient and accepting you will see that it was for you. You keep your eyes and heart open, you will see that there is a learning experience and you should take that learning. Now take his gratitude and let it fill up your entire heart. Now let it fill up your entire chest, your abdomen, your hips, legs, arms, neck and head. So feel that as gratitude. Feeling vibrates out from your heart and fills up your entire body and your body. Be grateful for every single little cell you have. Since you accepted them now you can be grateful for them doesn’t matter what shape and form they are. Be grateful they are keeping you alive. Now comes the challenge radiate out gratitude from yourself for your loved ones and your family. Let this gratitude feeling the even bigger radiating out we’re an entire city. Now radiate gratitude out. So thank you for the entire country. Now the end Entire world. When you teach your body gratitude it will be very easy to express gratitude for everything and anything and anybody and everybody, beings and non beings. Acceptance and gratitude, the two foundational sensations, vibrations, emotions of love. Everything is born from here. If you teach your body these two sensations you will be able to change your entire life. based on the fact that you changed and you see the world differently. You will be able to see the truth. You will be able to see everyone and anyone out of your acceptance and gratitude therefore you will be able to see them objectively and out of compassion and you will be able to I mean, you need to be able to teach these sensations for yourself first. self acceptance and gratitude for your own self is self love, nothing else. And remember the only thing you have, that’s the only thing you can share. So work on yourself acceptance and self gratitude so you can give to your family, your loved ones genuine acceptance and genuine gratitude And whenever you are ready to come back to Earth, to your country, the beautiful city, the beautiful home where you are sitting. You may open your eyes. And thank you. Thank you for all of you for being here. I am so so grateful that we have this experience together. And my question is how do you feel right now? What is your experience what happened? So you possibly and probably feel very subtle, calm and peaceful sensations and deep inner peace. So what happened right now the conditioned mind stop, you will be able to you were able to step back, and it is no longer driving you crazy. It’s all stop. It’s all smooth, it’s all quiet. Now this is the sensation of being or existence or existing. This is the sensation where your body is working optimally. This is the optimal environment for your immune system for an entire body. All the functions do harmonize together. So this is the baseline and the bottom line of your health. And you can do this you can do this. Anytime you practice and you watch a little breath observation, do a little acceptance and gratitude, you will get there. It’s very, very easy. And if you Practice this morning and evening you will find on incredible changes in your life a shift, or shift of how you look at things. And this is wonderful. Because if you change and you see the world differently, then the product already changed. It’s different world. So you teach someone else you teach breath observation for someone else. And then their world will also change just by that. And remember that anytime, anytime you need to stop your fear and panic and depressive and anxiety feelings, because those are the ones which brings your immune system down. And all the hormones on everything else will be upside down and working against you. You are fighting against you yourself. So when you realize this self fight within, stop, breathe, observe your mind even if your mind is racing so much, there’s nothing you can do. Just observe your thoughts as they are running wild. Without any reaction, just watch them and like a movie, then you go through observing a little bit of your physical feelings. And believe it or not, you start watching observing a headache or any type of physical pain, without any reaction without any hatred towards it will be 50% less what it was before, much less of a painkiller needed like that. And your emotions will always come down and you will realize everything is always changing. You may feel this way now. But you know what, the next moment it will change and that’s the beauty of it. That this is the first law of the universe, you know? The Universal first law, everything is always changing. So start using that, that everything is always changing. And so you won’t get stuck in certain situations with certain people. You may just breathe and let them just yell and scream, they will pass, the behavior will pass your behavior will pass everything you pass. So it’s a very big testing time right now that can you stay calm, and kind and loving and accepting with gratitude in whatever happens, because whatever you think you feel, and you communicate, it will be affecting you first. So start loving yourself in a way that you are responsible for your own health and happiness. So stop criticizing others, because it will be affecting your health, you will be upset because of that. So stop doing that. Some people will never learn. So we will Allow them that so you don’t want to change them. You don’t want if they want to change they will come to you be an example. And that is the most which you can do for this world to change. You change, you become peaceful and everyone else will come to you want to ask you that’s what you want. So their friends, thank you so much for being here. I hope you continue to practice this during this difficult times and times after that. So thank you so much, my dear friends, this was Dr. Xu again, love you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. Bye bye