CrococryptFile Windows Installation

This lecture contains how to download and install CrococryptFile on Windows and provides a basic overview about the installed components.

We will now download and install crip file. We’re starting off with the Windows version. If you google chrome grip file, you will find several download sites hosting the software. We’re using the SourceForge link here. As you can see, you could download directly one of the additions of Graco grib file, but I will show you which additions are there. As you can see, there are two archives. The first one, this one being for Linux, this one being for all platforms, including Mac OS. And these two executables are for Windows, the small one just containing the app the second one containing all necessary runtimes so I will download this one. I’m running on a Windows 10 machine but croaker grip file runs on Windows XP and above. After the download has finished, you just run the setup. It’s an unsigned executable, but you still can run it Currently crocco grib file supports two languages German and English. I’m just using English here the installation is very straightforward. Just click through it. And as you can see it’s D packing all necessary files and that’s it no restart necessary. Now a quick look what has changed on this system now first of all, we look at the start menu. As you can see under all apps, there is now the croco crip file folder. And there are essentially two important applications croco grip file and decrypt cloak file. We will see that later in the course. The most easy usage of Docker file on the Windows is using it via Windows Explorer. So if you right click in the context menu on this file, for instance, you can encrypt a crock of crap file. If you select two files this entry in the context menu is gone. But with sent to you can still encrypt multiple files, corporate file support Also folder encryption so you can as well send files and folders to crop a crip file.