Creativity in Teaching

So welcome back. And in this next section of presentation, I’m talking a bit about creativity. And in particular creativity of the audio visual experience that you’re actually serving up for your students. Okay. And basically, this breaks down into presentational types. But before we dig into that, let’s just be clear about what we’re actually doing with an online course, very often what we’re doing. So we’ve got the, the education and entertainment, but very often what we’re actually doing is building an argument, okay? We’re actually building an interactive argument. We’re putting ideas together in a sequence to actually serve up a concept and a vision and a methodology of doing something that we’re advocating people give due consideration to go That sounds like a legal sort of terminology, doesn’t it? But But, I mean, essentially, you know, an online course more often than not, is if you like an argument in the broadest meaning Have that word, it’s constructing an idea. It’s constructing a sense of something, people who are studying you may not entirely agree with you, but providing they get real value out of what it is you’re actually teaching and actually can can build that into what they are doing. The chances are that your course will have served hugely help them. Yeah. And so the more that we can construct an argument with what we’re doing, which is coherent, which is logical, which makes sense, which takes people from eight from A to Zed or a to b evenly, if it’s in one module, you know, the better the better it will be. But also, we want to leave the space for it to be an interactive argument, both in terms of our own leaps and connections and associations and what it is we’re teaching, but also very importantly, in terms of the intuitive and argumentative space that we’re allowing the students to have, when they’re actually engaging with our course. Okay, so whatever we do with visuals, Or slides or mind maps or filming. And we can dig into that a little bit now and do and do more of that in the editing module. What we want to be thinking about is, is this serving is what I’m doing, serving the essential argument that I want to put forward in this particular lecture of this particular module in this particular course. And if the answer is no, it’s not serving it, and it’s not serving the construction of an argument. We really want to ask, why are we doing it? Yeah, because we don’t want to get into a place where if you like the presentational gloss is taking over from the essential teaching experience that is that we are duty bound to deliver. Okay, so let’s start with slides. Because often death by PowerPoint is a real issue. And you know, the question is, how do we get around that? Yeah. Now, there’s a presentation I thought about making for you, before actually teaching us with a mind map. And let me show you actually share a bit of that with you. If I can. All over the keynote. And these are the slides I was starting to put together here for this particular for this particular course. So I’ll just rattle you through them, you know, and look how beautiful they are, you know, we have all the apple design and It’s lots of fun. And the bullet points are queuing up perfectly. And you know, isn’t it all beautiful? Yeah. And it’s got even got a little bit of the kind of Frank Kearney style and style. Yeah. You know, simple. You know, Steve Jobs start, you know, simple phrases in the middle of the screen, and so on and so forth. Yeah, all absolutely lovely. You might think. But when I started to rehearse this, and when I started to rehearse the actual teaching of this, I realized that I was too stiff. It was too wooden. It was too scripted. It was too presenters, it was too presentational, and it was taking away from the teaching experience I wanted to deliver for you. I realized that I could do it all this way. I mean, it would have taken me another hour or two admittedly, of making these slides but You know, there would have been a style that would have been a visual coherence. You know, on the surface of it, you might have thought, well, this is really high production value. This is an amazingly high production experience that this guy’s taking you through. But there would have been something missing. And the thing missing would have been the inspirational intuitive connective energy that comes when you actually teach from a place of freedom and Association, rather than a place of presentation. If I was doing a TED talk, I probably would use this I probably would use slides for you know, for presentational reasons. But you know, when it comes to online courses, you know, the question to ask yourself is, is this serving? What I’m trying to do for the audience for the students