Creative Block Guided Meditation

Welcome to this short meditation exercise on overcoming a creative block. Something I think we don’t always understand about creativity is that we need to give ourselves space for it. If you are too focused on one idea for too long, it becomes too hard to keep thinking of new ideas and keep being refreshed and stimulated just for that one thing. One thing you can do is give yourself prompts to stimulate certain parts of the mind, and then give you the space to do what it wants, instead of trying to force new ideas. Because usually if you’re having creative block, you keep trying to force new things to come through. You keep trying to force creativity, but that almost never works. So this exercise is going to help us get a little bit of that clarity. I want you to start by making Ensure that you’re in a comfortable space sitting down. Take a deep breath in through the nose. Hold it for a few seconds, and then breathe out through the mouth. Do this a second time and as you breathe out this time, just gently close your eyes. continue breathing slowly and calmly in this way until you feel all of the tension in your body disappear. Continue doing this until you feel completely at ease. When you feel fully relaxed, I want you to think about the feeling that you have when you have a new, exciting idea. Don’t focus too much on any thoughts that come along with that. Instead, focus on that feeling. Let that feeling move like a wave throughout your entire body. That wave should make you feel comfortable and energized. Continue imagining this wave imagine it Like the feeling starts in your chest and ripples out throughout your entire body, like a stone dropping into a pond. do this again until you feel completely energized by the warmth and the energy that that feeling brings to your entire body. Make sure that you keep your deep breathing going so that you remain comfortable and relaxed while you do this. And now, I just want you to let go of that image in your mind Continue allowing yourself to feel that positive energy and positive feeling and when you feel ready you can slowly open your eyes and sit with that feeling for as long as you would like.