Create More Time for Your Best Relationships + Reduce or Eliminate Others

Now that we’ve scored your relationships, let’s look at the things that you’d like to change. What we want to do is reallocate or redistribute the time that you’re investing in relationships from your less desirable ones to your more desirable ones. So in this exercise, the first thing we’re going to do is write down 10 relationships that you’d like to shift in some way, with regards to how much time you invest in and label those relationships with the name or the initials, and then indicate what that score is. Now these could be good relationships that you want to spend more time in, they could be not so good relationships, you want to spend less time in and then indicate how many hours per month roughly you invest in this relationship, and how many hours you’d like to be. So again, current hours is what the current situation is desired is how you’d like it to look. And then you can just do the math, what would that change in hours be? Then indicate what you would do with those hours? Not so much what you would do with the person But how would you reinvest those so you might say on the first line, that you’ve freed up five hours, and you’re gonna reinvest those hours in a different relationship, or you’re gonna go have some downtime and relax, whatever it might be, and then set a target date for each of those. So this becomes a game plan for you to start improving your relationships, what you’re going to be doing with them simply by shifting around things. And again, to be really clear, you don’t have to get rid of every relationship that you find less than ideal. It might be the simply slowly invest less time in that relationship and start investing more time and relationships. You enjoy more as you take action to create greater relationships in your life. A simple goal is to start one new relationship each week that’s going to be better for you. So awesome relationships can be found in many different ways. They might be connections have existing relationships are already pretty awesome. Maybe there’s physical places clubs are groups or events or gatherings or meetups, that you know you’ll meet people like this app, online places such as social media sites, interest groups, and so on. Seek to initiate at least one new relationship per week. Just focus on making connections with people who seem awesome. Don’t worry about the speed or the depth of the relationship. This doesn’t need to be heavy. This does need to be really serious. You can control your activity, but you can’t necessarily control which relationships develop. Don’t track it, don’t obsess over it and don’t worry about it. Just plant seeds like a farmer does, that might or might not grow over time. Plant enough seeds with love and friendship, and enough will grow. So now let’s wrap up we talked about in order to multiply awesome relationships, we want to reallocate time to where we’re spending more time in the relationships we most enjoy. This starts by scoring our current relationships, whether they be bad mediocre are awesome. And then determining how we’re going to reallocate those relationship time investments. This is gonna allow us to spend more of our time with people we enjoy, and more time doing the things we love most. Start awesome relationships, take action, make more things happen, and be somebody that plant seeds for relationships that might not grow right away, but grow over time. And as you do this, and as you implement this, keep track of this with your implementation checklist. Notice how things improve in your relationships. And by all means, please make sure to comment on those and share those with us as you make progress.