Create Big Results with Your Implementation Workbook

In order to help you get things done, I’ve created the apprentice implementation workbook. This is going to help you execute what we’re talking about in the program. Now, what you’ve possibly noticed is, I don’t have a tremendous number of videos, I have a few videos that are very clear about what I found works. That’s because I’ve thought about this a lot. I’ve implemented this, I don’t need to give you a lot of philosophy. But there are specific things that need to be done. The implementation workbooks can help you do that. And if you implement the workbook, and execute the actions as recommended it, you’re going to find tremendous growth. You’re going to see we have exercises that relate to your money, your time, your relationships, in your things. And in each case, we look for you to decide what’s most important, so you can shape your life outside of work, and ultimately, along your journey. Create the lifestyle you most desire. So you can make more money in less time doing what you do best and Enjoy your life with your friends and your family and your loved ones. Please let me know at all steps whatever I can do to help you. I look forward to helping you implement this.