Course Outline

Hey, Bernard Kelvin Clive. Welcome to lesson three in 10. In your idea, your book into an online course is Willie RTM. And join the breeze and here in Accra, Ghana. All right, let’s welcome to lesson three on building your online course from your idea concept or from your book. lesson three, you focus in on course outline. Now that you do your ideal audience who are hungry to buy your cause or want to learn from you, and you decide the format you want to run the course let’s look at how then to outline your course your outlines your blueprint for success of creating your course. So the outline of the course will be guided by your course objective. What are they going to learn out of the course? What do they gain out of this course. The reason for the course will help you develop a proper, well structured outline. So we develop an outline for the course by breaking it down into steps. I do recommend seven to 10 frames or themes or subject you want to talk about to help I’m not too many by the lips. To look at seven to 10, it is fine to break down your course outline. So you can use an existing blog content which was structured to guide you or your book continued looking draft or you are basically for nonfiction authors. The chapter basically serves as your course outline. You might want to combine one or two or take one or two out or reach me elaborate on one of the chapters as as of course, as we descend on what airlines one, what would the cost be about what are they going to gain from the course? Step one, what do they land step two, what are they going to do to outline them make sure you write all the seven to 10 outlines down and you’re ready to go? What are the things you can do to help us go online good Udemy go to other side set for as similar courses this thing courses and he’s looking at outlines Muslim if you’re not paying for the course you’ll be privy to some of the outlines, of course content that is guide you remember, don’t copy and paste. Just learn. Just look at the body can pay for an ad, how differently what your costs would be that Is the selling point. So don’t just copy what is existing out there? What are you bringing them back? And wouldn’t you think I didn’t want to look at that we’d have one or the existing cost, or the or the structure, the cost, what is based on what you can add what you can take out and develop your item properly. Now, listen, this is a caveat. Of course it should be results oriented and activity driven, mature, yet gaining some result, the idea some activity to help them reach their ultimate goal and achieve the taxi, whatever you’re training them to be. So think of the outcome of the course. How are they going to benefit them, then you’ve loved it online, will be the key learning points will be the key take homes, what do be the deliverables so the students can gain from the course when you have this all in mind and put yourself in the position of this to get in Atlanta, you will be able to do a well structured course outline for your students. So the exercise today is just get your seven to 10 cause Unlike based on your book idea, or based on your article, your content or things you want to share, and let’s get ready for lesson four