Course Medium/Form

Excited Welcome to lesson two, I knew he did an exercise for lesson one and finding your ideal audience hungry audience would be willing to mean, pay for your cause or learn from you. That is the first stage or lesson to begin building your cause. And the second phase or second stage is to decide on the cost, medium or form. So, want to decide whether you want to run the course, online or offline based on your audience profile, but like they were looking at presenting your course for an online audience. So even though it’s going to be online, the question you ask yourself, would it be a live class one of it is a live class Monday you will have one life physical session, zoom class. They paid for an hour to three hours live training and that would be it was You’re going to run out once a week a month or something and that you’re good to go. So we decided what was the live class or you want to deliver it online based on pre recorded training, this is going to be almost evergreen anytime they can log in and have access to the course. He decided, Okay, what format would I want to be using video only, or video text? I want to use audio only only text only. Ideally, a course video element really helps because it it makes students watch at the same time pay attention Listen, and observe whatever instructions you’re giving them. So accompany with. text format is awesome PDFs and videos here and there will be great. So we decided it was going to be all text based illustrations fine, but you decide on a format by I recommend the video plus text format. You’re here and there. Of course so why do you decide when you want to do an offline online course it was online last night Have this pre recorded, edited and posted is going to be about green they can access a log in at any point in time. Or you want to combine all of that into the course or the part of the course if the month longer week normally would have live sessions that would have some audios webinars, you can have some video interactions. So you decide on this format to make sure that all you’re giving value to your students. That’s the bottom line make sure you give them value Action Pack something they can take home. Make sure that your course is action oriented action packed resort arranged so after section one What are they going to learn it’s exactly after first first lesson you learn how to create audience profile. So when you create your audience profile, what do you do and say course lesson to medium so it is fine. What mediums are we going to use online mediums and the live sessions are commercial audio, text and multimedia format. So once you decide to conclude on a format you’re going to do then we are ready to move to the next day and stage of creating your course. This lesson, decide which formats which form would you want to run your course for your ideal client or customer, of audience for your students. So get this done and get ready and let’s let’s move on to lesson three. Enjoy