9. Copywriting (Title, Bullets, Description, Backend)

Hey welcome to the copywriting video and I’m pretty excited for this one I am pretty much excited for every video I make or every other week for discourse or for every day generally but this video is quite important because I’ll tell you one thing if you don’t know how to write your copy if you don’t write your own copy then don’t do it, outsource it because if you’re just going to try and do that on your own without having any experience in it or not big experienced then probably it will suck I’m just telling you right now because that’s the way it goes. Like if you try writing your copy without knowing how to do that just it’s not gonna work for you. I recommend you outsource it and for this I prepared two sources that you can outsource it from and I do recommend because it’s just going to save you time and you’re going to get better results once people who are familiar with cooperating can do it for you. So let me show you here we have Diane Forrester and she’s the hypnotic Amazon copywriter you probably like what is hypnotic Amazon copywriter she uses different techniques for copy and she’s a lot about NLP which has proven to be really good with for example Doing copywriting and I’m going to go through some of our videos when I’m going to be breaking down the title bullets description part of the video, but first she has a service. I’m going to link in description down below for copywriting and second, you have a free youtube channel that she has. And I think it’s a goldmine. This is a goldmine channel if you want to try do your copy on your own, or you just want to see your skills before you go and purchase their services. But thing is even the free videos for those who do their own copy are pretty sick like because the value she shared here is just utterly insane. So I do recommend you watching I’m also going to go through some specific videos So first, but definitely consider using her services and just go and check her channels pretty awesome. I’m going to link in the scription down below as well the channel next option is go to Fiverr in Fiverr. You can find all sorts of services to outsource like Amazon copywriting, for example, and I would not recommend it really I would recommend if you’re on a tight budget because yes on Fiverr you can still get results and you will probably get results but again the level of the work it’s probably not going to be as good It might be they’re awesome copywriters. They’re awesome photographers on Fiverr and nothing to say but usually you have to try different people until you find someone good so for this I would recommend you if you want to use Fiverr and if you want to use cheaper services, you can just go to facebook group and say hey, you have any final recommendations that you worked with for copywriting for example and people are going to share with you it’s going to be pretty good now the next thing is you can share with these copywriters it takes you back to scribbles now you can share that list of keywords actually they’re going to ask it for you if you if unless they provide the keyword research as well like they can provide the keyword research for you as well. But if you want to use your own keyword research with what we’ve studied here and they will learn here in the course you can take all the keywords you have and give them to your copyright and tell him like oh these are my keywords. This is my density here is a Spanish key or just any Excel table and explaining everything about it. I recommend you recording a video by If you want to explain something to the person you’re working with, it’s much better once you do that for the person you’re working with, and they’re going to create a listing for you say again, we have two options we have the entity recommend and fiber that I also recommend. If you’re on a tighter budget, the results might very well up to you. You can check out Facebook groups to for recommendations for fiber or just for any other copywriter that you want to track. Now let’s get back to scribbles just want to remind you a few things about the scribbles here on the left, we have the keywords that we found, we have the phrases that we found the color here indicates the volume of the keyword red goes for the strongest volume and then blue here goes for the weakest or gray here also goes for the weakest in the world. So our idea is to build our listing on the right our listing consists of a title, which has 200 chairs marks five bullet points. Generally it’s about 1000 chairs that get indexed by helium 10. He recommends 100 which is pretty good because that makes the bullets very short and to the point and subject matter is also going to be on your back end. People are not going to see that but you also input keywords there we have five subject matter fields again, it depends on the on the category of the product you have, as you have the description or you have 2000 charts and search terms, which is also on the back end who have 250 charts here we get a feel all of this with the relevant keywords. I’m going to show you how I do that in a bit and that builds our listing that’s going to be our listing that’s how the search engine is going to find us by actually us inputting the right keyword but before that before writing anything, you got to understand who your customer is, and you got to do that even primarily to save to writing your titles. You got to do that in the product research phase of your listing. Yes, but once you’re in the keyword research phase or listing for the copy for example, there is a really golden tool that he’ll have that also has it’s called the review downloader and if you’re not familiar with the review downloader, I’m going to appear link a video that I created about review downloader previously and also I’m gonna link it in the description down below review the other LLC to spy so to say on the reviews of your competition and let’s see how it’s done and why because of the review the order you can find parts of the reviews that are consistently being used in different reviews and therefore you can understand relevancy of a specific problem or a specific thing that people need or want and they’re excited about in these reviews. So we’re going to go through a bit and one of the things I would say is that you gotta understand who your customer is. Now Diane has some videos on her channel about that you’re going to go and check in as well but you’re gonna understand who your customer is. And for this you can simply go to Facebook groups and check out groups that are connected to your products for example for the knife, it can be cooking niche can be different groups of chefs and there you can join these groups you can join the discussions you can ask questions you can ask questions you can see simple ask a question like for example in a cooking groups can ask something like what is your favorite knife? When Why is it the most your favorite knife? What makes you excited in the kitchen? What made you excited from the last knife you bought? For example, this way you can gather Intel about your product. If it’s a kitchen knife, yes and take it to your own niche. Also, you can use Google for that there are lots of forums there are lots of places you can find discussions about public picked up at forums, blogs of cooks, for example of chefs and you can find it by keywords as well. There are also things on social media generally you can use the keywords that you have for your niche and search there you get to see who your buyer persona is who’s buying from you actually what excites them, what do they like. So that’s a pretty good thing again, then has many videos on this as well. The next thing we can do is we can go and we should actually go and use the review done already. We show you how to do that. So for example, we have the guy mark here, which is our kitchen knife that we’ve identified. Yes, that was our one of our competitors who has 2282 reviews, which is pretty awesome because well that’s a lot we can actually understand a lot from it. So we go to helium 10 Chrome extension and in the Chrome extension, we have the review downloader and as I mentioned before, it’s going weekend description there’s a full video but review that order we will then dive deep into this part of the extension but here let me show you just a few things that are relevant to us. We click on this and the radar allows us to download or his 2013 82 reviews and we can see different ones we can take only the one star Or we can take only three stars or we can take all of them can use the only verified purchases only once have images etc and also dates if you want to see something more relevant something newer maybe somebody changed the model of the product maybe think for now I’m going to use old them I want to understand the better about this product I want to understand what people like about it which phrases are common here. What are people excited about? What do they need, what do they want what makes them happy so we review whether the mention in the stream Yes, and now it’s going to extract this pretty many reviews from this we can use it in order to build our listing from the specific phrases that we’re going to find and let’s see how it’s done. So we go to analysis here we have all the reviews is different variations here as well yes, or we can use it for specific variations, but let’s just do it for all of them. And here on the analysis we found 3666 phrases and here are the most common phrases that are common amongst reviews. So we have 257 times the word or the phrase very sharp in our reviews or we have for the price and nine The four of them are well balanced comes in 76 What does mean what do we need to understand from it so for example if we go to very sharp we can open it up here like this we can see all the reviews that speak about very sharp and we can read them I do recommend you on your product research phase or even into keyword research take at least like five competitors, five top competitors run through their listings do the review downloader on their listing and check out what is the common pattern that excites everybody what sucks about the product will the sucks part usually is for the product research because that’s what’s going to improve but if something sucks, you can use it to your own advantage like you see thing they like unlike the others who are very dull and break fast ours is sharp and is going to get you the results you’re looking for the new looking to create How do we do that? Let’s see. So for example the word very sharp Here comes in this video for example by Jimmy James very sharp with a good quality feel to the handle due to their hand Okay, so we understand from this that yes they have the sharpness is important but also the quality but also the handle is important for the guy all right then if it’s lightweight, very Sharp out of the box and easy to handle okay easy to handle knife very sharp very important so people want something lightweight may be very sharp and easy to handle we continue let’s just take something random oh this we have one star and see what the one star says the knife is if very sharpen cuts well but some water was splashed on it and overnight rested Oh what that’s very sharp that is still pretty awesome but interested so what do we understand from this review? Well we gotta check that our knife is not going to rest right we’re going to check out our antique brass or stainless steel abilities love them very very sharp cane or magnetic boxes for if you don’t have a knife them not sure what’s going on here. I love this knife very sharp and used almost every day. Just be careful is very sharp when it arrives. The knife is also very sharp. So you see the sharpness is very important for our people. What can you understand from it, it means that if this is something that people want, and they’re excited about, we can use their copy, we can use our title, we can use our bullet points, we can use it in our description. We emphasize that ours is very sharp because people care about it. Of course the sharpness is there not just for the sharpness it’s for making that buttery smooth. Get in order to make that very tasty and appealing meal that’s why would I have a sharp knife to make a good meal for my family? Yes By the way, not a good cook but you know what i mean but well balanced for example also comes here oh well balanced well balanced What does it mean what is well balanced It is also well balanced This is well bones sharp multi use knife sharp so attractive well balanced to well balanced so it means people want something robust, something that sharps more comfortable we can use this in our copy on our pictures even we can use it as slogans you’re gonna see the in the next lessons we’re going to have the lesson about the images and we’re going to see how we can use slogans on our images pretty excited but we’ll get a good quality out of the box with what it means out of the box. So it’s important probably for people for it to be sharp out of the box just I’m thinking it was Honda brings us out of the box sharp right out of the box. Yes, exactly out the box was razor sharp. So out of the box is important. Like people get excited when they get it pretty good. Or as you can see there are the general review pattern is 4.1. That means that maybe Somebody didn’t get a charge out of the box by seeing it as being someone that also is a product that’s pretty sharp and you know like sharpness sometimes for many reasons one product that should be sharp comes down then people are a bit angry and this will make sense right best knife so far so far we can say so far, but only have used it once I’m pressed so far. And so far no resting. You see what she do in the review the order you need to take a few agents, check out all the pattern that is common amongst the ACS and maybe copy it to your Excel tables, well, then you understand what’s going on here. Right? What is the things for our listing? And then once you’re going to be writing your title, yes, then you can use it for your own advantage. So let’s go back to our scribbles and let’s see what does it mean to write the title and what will you remember where the sharpness the well built, for example? Yes, let me show you just a quick example of the title and you copy pasted here but for example, chef knife, yes, that’s our main keyword. We want to have our main keyword on the left side of the table. Because that’s where it starts here we’re going to emphasize on the strongest keywords then we’re going to continue with our unique value proposition then it depends on the product yes and can be specific technology or product use we’re going to get to that soon in Dan’s videos we’re going to check it can be something that is including some gift it depends whatever your value proposition is with bigger handle with the more you know what I mean like something that kind of sets you apart but for example here I used Jeff knife razor sharp stainless steel kitchen knife with a well balanced built an ergonomic handle why because I saw that people care about the world bones built I saw that they care about their ergonomic handle the review dollar this by the way, probably will be also if I were to do a deeper product you would research ergonomic handle would be part of the keywords that nicotine is great for professional and everyday in home usage. So for example if I identified that my knife would be great for chess and chess will be interested in this kind of build a knife and also everyday home music as well. So that’s pretty awesome right? We can also go to transformation yes something like greater professional in everyday home usage. For for The creation of your dream emu. And of course, I want to use keywords here as well. Usually what I do is I use the strongest keywords in the beginning that I can also mix with something that is more like a longtail keyword. So for example, great cutting knife for professional and everyday in home usage. Yes, that could be an example. So that’s an example of a title that also want you’re going to be writing stuff in the scribbles. For example, if you use chef knife as a phrase is going to be deleted here you see we’ve used it once it’s deleted because we’ve already used it. Now we want as we remember density if, for example, we found that the average density for the chef knife for example, is going to be like using it five times throughout the listing. So you can use it somewhere in your bullet point somewhere in your description. For example, it might appear in your subject matter, and it can appear in your search terms. Yes, you see, we have it five times and why am I so confident about it? Well, if I see that my competition has it 10 times seven times, five times all of them have it in their listing. This creates keyword density. This is the way search algorithms work obviously is going to be helpful for us to equal to Now I don’t recommend including twice The chef’s knife in the title yes that’s not something that we need but if you use it again in the bullet point it’s gonna be pretty awesome. Let me take you to a video of Diane where she explains about title senate recommend you watching this video we’re going to use description down below as well give you an example of sort of Diane of how she writes the title so for example, let’s look at this there’s one option here but she gives you eight options if I remember right in her video here so I do recommend you watching it it’s going to be linked in the description pretty crazy By the way, little stop if you’re enjoying this video up until now if you’re still with me who is like it, it’s pretty exciting to make it I really like cooperating so please please like it feel free to drop comments actually drop comments let me know what you think in every videos of this course. And that’s awesome. Please subscribe if you liked the score so far if you landed here for the first time still subscribed because there are other things to come. I do it I like it. I love it. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it benefits you so let’s go see then here uses her title and one option by the way so because brand name as you Amazon’s gonna enforce them. You MAIN KEYWORD product name she ever even named her product you can see how she does it in her videos and then she uses the important hypnotic anchor feature benefits transformations for example boo boo ultrasonic pest repeller plugin which is the keyword mouse await 5000 that’s the way she called her product you see that many big brands called their products in the iPhone x iPhone x what was the iPhone x two now iPhone x 11 iPhone 11 I haven’t used iPhone for a while but what I’m saying is people name their products companies name their products why because it will works better as an anchor people see its differentiation yes it gives your product more life again you can check out videos of her and explain this Bumble ultrasonic pest repeller plugin keyword mouse weighed 5000 electromagnetic render mousetrap alternative error keywords we have the mouse trap here rodent mousetrap electromagnetic rodent mousetrap mousetrap alternative you see she stuffed some keywords. That’s a good way to write your title when you can stuff for a few keywords that are built together. The subsea create a few phrases you see what I’m saying here by making them of course sound well not just bla bla bla bla bla keyword keyword keyword Yes, it needs to be readable and that’s exactly what’s happened here. So we’ll go to Sonic best repo plug in a mouse with 5000 actually rather than mousetrap alternative and here’s the cool thing uses powerful 500 oscillating technology that’s the brain anchor that’s oscillating technology you know, Juliet uses some technology needs some technology here. But technology is something that also works as an anchor in the brain of the customer because they remember that Alright, this product had this oscillating technology five in one and the others don’t have that makes you stand out. You see how powerful copies so but use our home phone and say technology to quickly and permanently drive away in rodents, mosquitoes, rats, mice for best rehome what happens here so virmani driveaway Rylance mosquitoes, rats, mice, these are the biggest problems for the people with this best repel rodents, mosquitoes, rats, mice and why they want to drive them away just to make them run to see the mice run like in the cartoon, no to Get a pest free home that’s why they’re using it Isn’t that awesome? Isn’t isn’t is not a great title. Now of course you’re going to do it for your own you’re going to take your own research for this yes but let’s see what other titles she has here usually she just used the same product here yes but here for example ultrasonic pest repeller plugin you see because here’s a bit different title why to when you met maximize ranking space and your brand isn’t important because they’re also different sort of see title needs you not always need to use specific parts of the title she’s going to explain it to you in the video but for example here as you can see, she doesn’t use the brand name at least not in the beginning. So let’s just try to scroll it a bit more so ultrasonic pest repeller plugin mouse weighed 5000 electromech mousetrap alternative uses five Express repellent isolation technology she renamer technology to dry away rather than threats mice and for school free pest free home you see again for what for screw free pest on that’s what they want. This is a very nice title. You want to type of titles in a way that excites people like this Pretty much good idea. And these are examples again, the video is going to be in the description. Check it out later on for cool titles and ways to help your customers. Right. Next thing in the scribbles, we’re going to have a bullet point. Now I would advise you for bullet point number one and having because usually people don’t really reboots, they don’t really even read the title all the way out, you know, and the more keywords you technically have in your title, if it’s not read, then they’re gonna quit reading it really fast. If it does flow, they will finish reading it depends again, yes, that’s why you want to have something that flows easily. Next we have the bullet points. The first bullet point is something you want to have all your main things main problems main desires in either of them or both depends on how you position it because many people read the first bullet and then they skip right usually that’s what happens. Usually they actually don’t read it but if they do read they read the first one. So at least make it be the powerful one, the one that will emphasize the biggest problems, fears desires of the customer depends on how you take it. Let’s go to Diane’s bullet video and see what she does. There are some different bullets And she has here and you have two videos of her so there’s the number one and number two here’s an example of the bullet pointer here we have the revolutionary conference field we have again the technology here so just as an example is the only key word okay that’s going to be I think it was headphones right the only headphones would revolution conflict feed technology, there’s a lot to say about the only because this makes the customer get locked in here. The only one with this specific technology like and technology can be created. She explains it in the video as well how to create a technology for your own product. I’ll just sum it up. For example, comfort fit is something that people once you identify the problems of the buyer you’ll see that they want comfort in the ears and they want it to fit their ears. Well we’re speaking about headphones now. Yes, probably all of you are familiar with this product is comfort technology product name would say super headphones leverages your body’s natural heat mode where we molds to your inner ears exact shape. So you understand it’s probably very important for people to have it more to their ears because they might be like way maybe My ears are too small or too big or whatever but no this most inner interest exact shape muting external sounds for you and anyone near you. That’s important because you want to hear yourself your music very well. And you don’t want to hear anything around you. But also you don’t want others to hear what you’re listening to right sometimes you want to keep your songs private. You know, for example, for me here we have m&m we have some Russian rooster Bailey, this is a rapper and fbg, which is a punk rock and some stuff from real escape. But what I’m saying is you don’t always want people to hear what you’re listening to. Yes, well, staying put while you’re around Joker, please. So all of this cool stuff happens that you hear in music, well don’t have the external sounds, but you’re still able to run job or play because that’s what people want. So you see, this bullet point really gathers specific problems of people their desires, also has the comfort technology, which is a brain anchor, is that amazing? That’s the way to write the bullet points. And here of course, we have the keyword you see she uses keyword. You can use extra The key word here depends of course on the length of the bullet you get to make them shorter if you want. Mmm, it’s about 1000 characters once it stops indexing, and yet we’re going to get to the indexation lesson soon as well. That’s an example let’s see another example of a bullet point the XYZ secret to transformation they want to eat people want transformation. So here is the gyptian secret to full skin that’s probably some sort of a mask or something or some cream. Ever wonder why Egyptian women have glowing gorgeous touchable skin men last after even in their 50s 60s and 70s. So for example, maybe the ones who are buying are in their 50s 60s and 70s because you’re speaking to the customer you see you’re speaking to him the one that is reading if you’ve identified him You can easily speak to him one on one like I’m doing with you why Egyptian women have glowing gorgeous touchable skin mentalist after so probably women want men to lust after their skin right or general after their body parts or after them yes, even in their 50s 60s or 70s and they won’t go in gorgeous, touchable skin. The woman’s like you have That’s me like I want that it’s not because they have a cleaner environment or healthier foods is because they use the proven ingredients in your product name to keep their skin who can young vibrant and beautiful year after year after year this is one form to write the bullet point now in this video and the other one about the bullet points with showing description you have lots of examples for bullet points so just go there take ideas and implement and it’s going to be pretty useful for you and there are lots of them she’s pretty much a genius in copywriting in my opinion. Yeah. Ever wonder how all these gorgeous can Oh, that’s the next one. But what I’m saying here is that essentially you see the bullet points of course they use also the keywords I’m not sure if she included keywords here will skin is going to be keyword that is connected to the product maybe I would use here also a key word yes that is connected to the screen or whatever that is, you know proven ingredients in product name cream or skin cream, whatever that is yes, to include some keywords as well in the bullets but generally bullets if people are going to be reading them, they’re going to see something transformation. Now one thing that they have used as well as using all caps in the beginning so remember the Egyptian secret to flow skin and wants it continues Ever wonder you see they see this the skimmers people who skim they will see the big ones ever wonder Ever wonder like yeah I want to continue reading you see the idea of this is in your book is to make the person continue reading because you see Ever wonder you don’t want to stop here you want to continue Ever wonder what like I want to know why Egyptian women have and then she uses proven ingredients again, which again is showing the important thing that people want to see. Because once they skim their proven ingredients, they might read them a bit more here in product name, you see that that makes them convert even further. That’s about our bullet points. Now we have five of them here again, you want to use your keywords there. Yes, eventually you want to have all these keywords are on the left, just I’m going to do it quickly just for the sake with Carpe Diem chefs don’t do that everything to be included in our subject matter in our title in our bullets. So everything here is going to be eventually crossed out. That means everything’s gonna be placed in our listing and is going to be relevant for us in the next part we’re going to speak about the description Now there are a few options for description and again we’re going to go back to the dance video and the description is essential you can have it as a story and you can have it as a description this is more technical. Let’s see an example it’s a portable dollar bet we have some keywords Of course in the description, but this description is a bit different. This is a story of Fortune because I want to bring my little ones along with me on our travels and while I love hearing your company, my sleep suffered my work suffering and my passions were shorter by day. Yes, like most bettors who wish their kids will see more peacefully I just figured it would affect a search as well as a parenting trainer I was also somewhat familiar to children who feel comfortable in their environment experience the best right here’s the story and the person speaking here as I like the creator of the product inside I worried that have to give up of course she’s speaking to what people suffer from like she loved him in the company of the children but her sleep suffered their work suffer. People are like yeah, that’s me I can relate to that. relatability and then she discovered how to make your few right at home comfortable, forgettable surdo life and still take them a lot more much Travel he discovered you see it’s also written in big words capitalized with people who scramble look at it well then she goes and explains what the product is how she created yes or of Rama sukiyaki that she created her own product here one that supports an ideal alignment all night sleep patterns without breaking or digging into once once back So Mike, you just say it’s just like sweeping your arms mom, like you see some social proof for the kids. There’s also lifetime warranty. So that’s an example of a description that is a story you can also have a more of a specific description that is more technical. You also find it in this video of Diane which is pretty awesome. So let’s go back through those. Yeah, essentially, you’re going to fill the description of 2000 charts, you’re going to use your keywords here you can stuff it with keywords with relevancy with a story as you wish whatever like ending it with my guarantee again, plus call to action in the end of the description. That’s something I like doing I believe that they can also does it get a guarantee also in the bullet points a call to action, the bullet point seven, work with it as you wish then you can tenue adding all these keywords here, and then we’re going to fill the subject matter as well. So the indexing part of the listing, I’m going to go a bit deeper into this, but essentially, again, subject matter of 50 bytes here and here. Usually in the first subject matter I will use, I will copy the keywords that are really important. So I could call Blake boat chef knife, for example, kitchen knife, I can copy some phrases I can copy a chef’s knife. Yes, we have 37 in Mark, who is a chef’s knife in markou kitchen knife, you see that’s the brand name and then we have chef’s knife, and we have seven left. So what you want to try is to get about 50 play with it. And this way, I will feel all the subject matters with all the keywords that are relevant. Of course, we’re going to feel them here because we don’t want to use like, for example, Spanish keywords in the front end over listing because we’ll probably it’s not going to be looking that good. People don’t speak Spanish on the same for the search terms. Here. I’ll add the remaining keywords. For example, we have to choose the CEF here yes that we’ve added And then we also have cooking knives. And we’re going to edit like this and we’re gonna fill the search there’s the idea is to get everything that is relevant into our listing in order to get it indexed and working well and for us to be relevant and this is the way technically we write our listing. So I’m going to link Diane’s and Fiverr services description down below. I’m gonna link the videos of Diane and her channel because it will really help for those of you who like cooperating or just if you want to learn more there you also understand how to find your prospect and lots of many different cool things. I’m doing the review down horror videos down there as well. Now in the next video appear, we’re going to see how we index the stuff how it works, and that’s the next end indexation video and please join me there is going to be pretty awesome. Thank you for being with me in this lesson and see you in this one.