Cooking on Meal Prep Day

Tips on Cooking on Meal Prep Day:

  1. Gather supplies (gallon ziplock bags, Tupperware, ingredients).
  2. Entertain yourself.
  3. Time yourself (limit under 3 hours at least).
  4. Prepare breakfast first, then lunch.
  5. Prep dinner last – cook less, prep more.
Hi guys, we are back, you guys have made it all the way to lesson three. We are talking meal prep one on one, the basics, and you are in Step three, step three is to cook. You’re here now it’s time to actually do the work. Now, for many people, this is a tough step because some of us get anxiety, or we’re uncomfortable. We don’t love cooking. We don’t really want to be in the kitchen for 3567 hours. And I get that I don’t like that either. That is not how I approach meal prep. I’m going to give you some tools and tips to make this process seamless to make it as short as possible as short as possible. And to make it as enjoyable as possible. I plan my meal prep for no more than three hours. And oftentimes I can be done in an hour or an hour and a half depending upon the meals that I have selected for the week. So that’s my first tip to you use some wisdom in the middle That you select. If you’re selecting very complex and complicated dishes with 15 to 20 ingredients, you are going to spend more time in the kitchen. And that is okay, if you’re comfortable with that. I don’t recommend it because I believe that it can be too much. And then you find yourself not really looking forward to your meal prep day, I pick Sunday as the day that I do my meal prep, because it’s just more of a free day for me and my family, I can get up and knock it out first thing in the morning and then have the rest of the day or I can relax most of the day and do it you know in the evening or the late afternoon. pick whatever timeframe works for you. This process has to be your own. So what I choose to do, I go in a very specific order. And actually before we get into the order, let me tell you the resource the things that you’re going to need, you’re going to need a few tools to make your cooking day go nice and smooth. Number one, you’re going to need some gallon ziplock bags that will be for the meals that you are prepping or preparing and throwing into The freezer or the back of the fridge. And then you’re also going to need some music and something to entertain you. In addition to that, you’re going to need some Tupperware for your meals, that you’re saving the leftovers that you’ll have from that day. And then you know throughout the week, and also, you’re always going to need a clean kitchen, a clean and uncluttered, uncluttered kitchen, this stuff gets a little annoying because sometimes it’s like the pre work you do. But if you can have some foresight to make sure your kitchen is clean like Saturday or the day before your meal prepping, it’ll be less stressful for you. So if you have those four things in total, then you are good. And this again will reduce your anxiety and reduce some of the negative feelings that you may have toward this process. I personally do not love cooking, but I do love having fresh, wholesome food available for myself and for my family. So you know it’s one of those give and take things you have to have it so you might as well do it in a smooth and easy way and give yourself the nutrition that you know you need. Okay, so the way that I do my meal prep so that I am done within three hours, I go in a very specific order I start with my breakfast. Now I talked to you in a previous lesson about egg muffins that is one of my go to meals. It is typically about a 10 minute process to prep your egg muffins and then they’re in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes. While they’re in the oven. I have already started and in some instances completed the kids lunches. So this can be really quick. You can double up your time quite a bit so that you’re not just in the kitchen, cooking one thing at a time. Okay, so egg muffins are a great option. I also like to do a banana zucchini muffin. My kids think they’re having some sort of a dessert for breakfast, but they’re actually getting a bunch of vegetables because I will shred up at least two or more zucchini into the muffin mix and then that really works out well for them. And again, that’s a dish that goes in the oven. And while that’s in the oven, you can be working on lunch. Wow, the breakfast is cooking. I’m working on the kids lunches first. I get all have their lunch containers out and decide on whatever we’re going to have. So I mentioned the turkey dog skewers that is one of my kids favorites. I also like to make them pizza muffins. Now this gets complicated if you’re making a muffin for breakfast, then it’s hard to do your muffin for lunch at the same time. So again, think through those things when you’re planning, but I love pizza muffins because it takes like a couple packs of the biscuits, the oven biscuits that you make, and you stuffed them into a muffin pan, put a tablespoon of pizza sauce, a little bit, a handful of mozzarella cheese and one turkey pepperoni. And again, you bake those for about 15 minutes, and they’re perfect. The kids love them. Again. It’s like a it’s like a treat. They’re having pizza for lunch. So but it’s something I made it home and I know what’s in it and I know there’s not a bunch of preservatives, you know, so it’s a little better than just ordering, you know, pizza or whatever the school may offer. So after I finished my lunches, I go I finished my breakfast and lunch. I’m letting my breakfast cool and then I’m starting on dinner. I prefer to do dinner last for a few reasons. Number one, because at some point during the dinner process, I’m going to be preparing the dinner we’re eating that day, my meal prep day is Sunday. And so we eat a fresh meal Sunday. And again, we’ll have its leftovers on Monday. So because it’s going to be the freshest meal, the meal we’re having that day, I like to do it later in my meal prep process. So that is also my most complicated meal. I find that if I make something that’s going to take more ingredients and more time and more steps, meaning I have to do something on the stovetop, then I have to do something in the oven, I have to chop something that gets a little complicated for me and I don’t want to do that on a Tuesday or a Thursday when I’m finishing up my workday and I’m exhausted. So those days, I rather have something a little simpler with a little less work and effort. So Sunday’s dinner, which is what I will start next once lunches done is going to be my more complicated meal, something that I prefer to have fresh. A good example of that is salmon. I make a lot of salmon in my house and it’s not really a complicated meal, you know most of the times when I make it, but I don’t really like to cook salmon, and then stored in the fridge and it doesn’t make sense to put it in the freezer either. So I like to have most of my fish meals very fresh, like cook that day and eat them that day. leftovers the next day is not a big deal, but that first day I want it fresh. So that’s typically what I will choose for my Sunday meal. The other two meals that I’m making for dinner for the week, because I tell you, I select three. Those are typically meals, I’m not even cooking. So the wonderful thing about meal prep is it doesn’t really mean you have to cook literally cook like add heat to all of these dishes. Oftentimes, the last two dinners that I’m making for the week are things that I am just getting the meat prepared by chopping it up, or trimming the fat off of it, seasoning it adding any marinates or additional ingredients to if I’m making a dish that’s like a one pot dish. For example, my sausage and veggie bake that I talked about in our life. last lesson, I will literally just chop up the chicken sausage and chat get all the vegetables a lot of times they’ll be frozen bagged vegetables, I’ll get them all tossed them in a Ziploc bag season olive oil, sprinkle olive oil, and all my seasonings and then just kind of work the bag so that everything gets evenly seasoned. And I’ll throw that in the freezer or in the back of the fridge for later in the week. I find that to be such a great use of my time so that now I have a full dinner ready. All I have to do when I get off work on Tuesday is throw it into a baking dish and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Or in some instances use the crock pot, which I’m going to talk about in a second because I swear by my trackpad, so that makes it very feasible to have three dinner’s ready as well as your lunches and your breakfast prepared for the week without being completely overwhelmed. So the last point that I make about your cooking day is to make at least one dish your crock pot meal I try to use mine about four times a month. So once a week If you do this you will be so grateful because all you have to do is again, put whatever meat and ingredients you need that are going to go into the crock pot in a big gallon ziplock bag, double those bags up by the way because they do end up getting little tears in them and then throw it in the freezer and on the morning that that is you know your plan for dinner. You just pop it out of the freezer and you can throw it into the crock pot frozen. That’s my favorite thing about the crock pot, you can just throw frozen food in it and turn it on and then when you come home you have this fresh gourmet meal waiting for you. And of course if there are additional things like sides, you know something that you can steam on the stove really quickly and warm up. You know that’s obviously extra, but as often as you can meals that go in the crock pot, things that are one pot dishes or very quick to prepare and all you have to do is have the vegetables chopped up and ready to go. Then you’re going to be really winning and put yourself in a great position. So some of the examples I gave for breakfast like I said, we’ll do egg muffins. We’ll do banana zucchini muffins for lunch on my Make a fresh chicken salad. I always used canned chicken for those because it’s good quality, it tastes great, and you don’t have to get chicken breasts and chop it all up and shred it. That’s way more work than I want to put into my meal prep, personally, but again, you do what’s best for you and your family. The dinners that we love to have, I love to do tacos or chili or maybe even like I said, salmon, tacos and chili are great because all you have to do is prepare your meat. If you do ground beef, I prefer ground turkey, sometimes brown chicken, season it all up and then it’s cooked and you can just throw it in a Ziploc bag and have it in the fridge for the day that you’re ready to actually eat it. So whatever you can do to make the process simple and enjoyable. It’s key in its primary and going back to an enjoyable process. I prefer to have music blasting, I have a few playlists that I swear by. I usually have a small glass of wine or a little drink to make it enjoyable. And sometimes I do it I am chit chatting with my sister on FaceTime, and we’re both cooking. Whatever you need to do to make the process More fun, and something that you could stick to, and something that you’re not dreading do it, figure it out. It’s a trial and error process. This is my process that I’m elated to share with you, but you may have to tweak it to make it work for you and your family. And that is okay. All right, you guys have it. You went through all three lessons. Lesson One was planning and preparing your grocery lists in your meal, your meals for the week and the and the ingredients needed for them. Step two was getting your groceries organized and ordered and or shop for having your coupons ready. And step three is cooking, planning out the day of the week, you’re going to cook, taking the time to do your meals in order and making sure you’re not over complicating the steps. And again, if that means you have to go back to step one and reconfigure your your meals, that’s a great process and that’s a great thing to do as well. So you have all the tools that you need to be a meal prep guru, and I’m so happy to share them with you. If you want more tips and tricks. Things like meal prep and wellness in general, I encourage you to get my book this is called healthy Made Easy, the ultimate ultimate wellness guy for busy moms. by me, I published this book in 2018. It is available on my website at www dot healthy fit ph slash shop. And I believe it is on sale right now for $27. So get your copy today. There’s great chapters in here about meal prep. And then there’s information about fitness equipment at the gym, and what types of things would be beneficial and what types of things you can avoid. There’s a chapter in here about social eating and ways to stick to your meal plan while you’re out socializing and spending time with your friends and your loved ones. So please get my book. Additionally, at the end of this course as a thank you for me for participating. I have included a weekly meal prep worksheet for you. And it is just a simple layout. It is set up the way I do my meal prep so you can alter it to make work for you. But it essentially gives you a chunk of space to write down your breakfast options, a chunk of space for your lunch and a chunk of space for your dinners, and then a list space leftover for your ingredients. So please take advantage of that and Please receive that as my Thank you for tuning in and participating in my meal prep class. I hope you learned something today and I hope you will benefit from this in the future. Thanks for tuning in.