Constantly Improve Your Default Weekly Schedule

Now that you have your game plan, let’s look at a few different ways you can create more fun time. First is to simply live longer, hopefully with better health so you can enjoy that. Second is to work less by spending less, because if you spend less, probably you don’t need to make as much to be able to enjoy and sustain your lifestyle. Turn your work into a vocation. So take something that maybe isn’t as enjoyable and have some more fun in your work. It might not mean you enjoy every moment of it, but you can certainly enjoy more of it. waste less time, simply spend less time doing things that really aren’t as important to you. Reduce your obligations if there’s things that you are committed to that you’re really not wanting to be committed to explore those, see how you can renegotiate or get out of those situations and create something better. And then the final thing, probably the most powerful thing that I’ve seen is to change your weekly habits and schedule. As somebody He lives in Florida, and area of the world that many people would like to live in. It constantly kind of amazes me how many people will spend an entire year doing things they don’t want in order to have a week of vacation that hopefully turns out right. It’s that similar pattern has people work for 30 to 40 years doing a job, they don’t like hoping that when they finally retire, they’ll enjoy it, even though they have less time, less energy, and probably less health. And that’s if they make it that far. So what I encourage you to do is look at your weekly schedule, and see how do you currently spend your time Now usually, I’m not a fan of going into a lot of depth into hour by hour analysis because it kind of drives me nuts, to be honest. But if you’re looking to free up time, this is no different than you’re looking at a financial budget, see, what do I need to look at? What do I need to shift to make things different? So I encourage you to take the time to complete the schedule to show what’s your current default week. What does it normally look like? Because our habits, our weekend, week out way of living, is what normally impacts how we invest our time the most. And then Next, create your most desired schedule, what would you like to have it look like and again, this is assuming it’s exactly the way you’d want it. You might not be able to get through right away. But we need to get clear about what you’re aiming for, if we have any chance of hitting it. And then finally, on an ongoing basis, create an in between step that allows you to say, Okay, I want to go from point A to point B in my schedule, but in between, I need to create a step that allows me to get a little bit closer to point B, I might not get there right away, but it’ll get me a little bit closer. So over time, on a week by week or month by month basis, usually month by month is Beth so you get four weeks to establish a habit. You start shifting your schedule over time, maybe even just one to two hours a week, but you lock in those shifts. Currently, you do certain things the way you want, but you have, let’s say 20 hours that aren’t the way you’d like. And for the next month, you make one shift. So now you’re done in 19 hours of things you don’t like or maybe 18 hours if you shift two hours, make that a gradual process. Again, it’s not necessarily something that requires a lot of thought. But it does require the discipline to actually simply do the work and maybe even disciplines the wrong words. I’m not a real disciplined person, but it requires you understanding what’s at stake. what’s so exciting about your more desired schedule, that it’s worth letting go of something that’s less important. So as you look to create more fun time, do all the exercises, identify your best time investments, identify your mediocre time investments, and your worst time investments and create a schedule to progressively over time, reallocate how you invest your time. Complete your current weekly schedule, your desired weekly schedule, and start creating on at least a month. The basis a plan for you to get from one schedule to the next in increments over time. If you have any questions on this, please let me know. As always, I look forward to helping you create the lifestyle you most desire so you can make more money in less time. Do what you do best. And create the lifestyle for you, your loved ones and your family that you most enjoy. Thank you