Connect First, Solve Second

Hey guys, as Pedro’s and I wanted to create another video to share a writing tip that could help you in your book journey, which is you want to connect first and solve second. Now what I mean by that is, a lot of the times, when we start writing a my writing a cell phone book or, you know, some transformation book, you want to usually, you know, there’s a sense that you want to just give the problem, here’s this, I mean, give the solution, excuse me, you want to give the solution to help somebody solve whatever it is that you want. And as much as that’s good, you want to first actually connect with your reader, you connect with your audience like, because you might say, like his, you know, make sure to eat these fire festival so you can lose weight. But at the same time, before doing that, you want to make sure that that person is open to listen to you that reader, because you might give a solution, the reader might say like, Who are you? Like, what do you know about my problem? How do you know how it feels to be, you know, whatever it is, whatever they experiencing. And so that’s why it’s important to connect with the reader first, before you give them any kind of solution. So you could use maybe, maybe it’s a coat, what I recommend is actually a story, maybe to share a story about you know how you were going through. And then this is what you did that actually solved it like, whatever it is for, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it for a beginning of each chapter, or even a piece of the chapter or section, you want to first connect with the audience. You want to make sure that they emotionally they’re emotionally connected to you. And again, a story is good. You can do a powerful quote or statistic. You know, this is why 80% of people don’t lose weight. And that could just be a shock. And then you can slowly introduce your solution. Excuse me. So that is a great way for you to do. So again, this was a mistake I did when I started out where I was just providing solution. And I was not sharing my story of how I got to that actual solution, which is to my struggle of trying to you know, solve my problem, which that time was either weight loss or create journey. You know, those are the things that actually helped me connect with the audience. And they whenever I introduce a solution, it was like everybody knew it. So that is what I recommend for you connect first and then solve second. Hope you guys found this video useful.