So welcome to this short conclusion. You stuck with it so far. So thank you for your efforts. I just want to make a few brief comments to finish off. One is to say that it should be clear from what we’ve been looking at that social work is a demanding and challenging occupation. But as I see it, that’s not a bad thing. Which would you rather be in an occupation that’s demanding and challenging, but because of that keeps you on your toes, gives you the potential for great satisfaction and reward knowing that you have the potential to make a hugely positive difference to certain people at certain times, or would you rather be in something that simple, straightforward, undemanding been stimulating, and the working day just seemed to last forever. So don’t be put off by how challenging and demanding Social Work is, at as I see it is a positive aspect of social work, not a negative one, I wanted to emphasize that, or I also wanted to emphasize as well, is that we have to be committed in social work, we have to be committed to making a positive difference. We have to be committed to social justice and fairness, we have to be committed to doing a good job even in difficult circumstances. So that commitment is part of the professionalism underpins social work, and we shouldn’t lose sight of that. And then last, but not least, I just wanted to wish you well in your efforts if you decide against a career in social work, and I hope that this short course has helped you to make that decision in a fair and reasonable way. But if you are continuing with your career plans in social work, then good luck with that all the best. And we may be able to meet at some point. For example, our paths cross on the training course I’m running conference, I’m speaking at a consultancy project I’m involved with, or whatever. But there’s also the opportunity to connect with me online. I’m got a very strong online presence, and I welcome connection with people. My website addresses on the screen now it’s just simple your contact info. And if you go there, it tells you how to connect with me on the various platforms. It tells you about my YouTube channel, for example, and if you subscribe to that, you’ll get notifications every time I add a new video to it. I’ve also got a range of E learning courses, you may at some point in your career want to try. And you may at some point in your career, consider joining the avenue Professional Development Program, which is an online learning community I developed some years ago, it’s a sort of an online tutorial group geared towards developing reflective practice, and based on principles of self directed learning. But information don’t mean what I offer my books and so on. All at Neal Thompson dot info. And what you might find particularly helpful at that stage in your career, our two ebooks I mentioned there. One is called a career in social work, which is in two parts at first is sort of a biography of my own career in social work, it’s very briefly. And then the other half is the other part is about what you can expect of a career in social work. And then link to that as well is another ebook called How to do social work, which gives you a foundation to start building on. So hopefully, everything I’ve done in terms of books, elearning resources and so on, will be of help to people. But if you’re at the very early stages of a career, then go to ebooks and it should be of particular value to you. So that’s it. Once again, I’d say thank you for your effort getting this far. And good luck in wherever your steps. Thank you. Thank you very much.