Finally, let’s wrap things up and learn where to go next for more information. First, I have several online courses that can teach you about artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning. I recommend starting with these three courses to learn the basics. You can find all of my courses at the URL below. If you would like free access to any of my courses, just send me an email and I’ll provide you with a 30-day free-trial code. Second, be sure to check out my website. I have tons of free articles, videos, and courses on this topic and more. I also offer onsite training and consulting services to help executives, teams, and entire companies get started with AI, data science, and machine learning. Third, I encourage you to engage with me and others in the AI-learning community. So please be sure to: rate this video, ask questions in the discussion forum, send me comments via social media, and please provide me with any feedback you have on this course. I take your feedback very seriously and I use it to improve each and every course that I create. Forth, to summarize, my five recommendations to prepare your career for AI are: Educate yourself about AI, upgrade your career for AI, invest in an AI-first economy, use AI ethically and responsibly, and adapt to what comes next or become obsolete. Finally, how does our story end? Technology is inherently amoral – it is neither intrinsically good nor evil. The same technology can be used to take mankind to the moon Or it can be used to propel warheads into cities. As a result, it will be up to us, as a society, to choose whether we want to use AI to make the world a better place for everyone or to use it for our own power, profit, and control. The choice is ours to make. What will you choose? Thank you for joining me for this introductory course on preparing your career for AI. I hope that you have found this information valuable and that it has helped you take your first step forward on your AI journey. Please be sure to keep in touch via my website and social media and I hope to see you again in another course in the near future.