This is the last video In this course, on platonic solids, there’s a couple of things I’d like to mention before we finish. One is that I referred earlier in the course, to the ratio between the diagonal of a regular pentagon and its side. If the side of the regular pentagon is one, then the diagonal is fine. If you’re not familiar with this relationship, I have a course i’m going to upload to this platform called the golden ratio, where we investigate this relationship using a compass and straight edge. And after you do that course, you’ll understand that relationship. That cause the golden ratio is another hands on one and it uses a compass and straight edge. I try and teach as much as possible in a hands on way. Because I learned as a teacher, it’s the best way for students to learn. The understanding that comes with hands on activities is permanent. It’s not temporary, like that formula you learned this week, and you forgot not next week, or next semester. It’s lifelong. If you’d like to study the platonic solids in a deeper and more theoretical way, there’s the work of others online, which is also free. One academic Is Herman Saras at Ghent University in Belgium. And here is his web address. The revolving model that I use in this course. There it is, there is his creation, and he allowed me to use it for free. And I thank him for that. Why don’t you join me in another hands on mess course on this platform