6. Competing Brand Keywords

Hey welcome to my computer Welcome to Lesson number five and in this lesson as I mentioned before, we’re going to speak about the competent brand names and again this is a sneaky technique and it’s against Terms of Service to use it but it’s up to you I do use it but again something Amazon does not allow if you want to try it You’re welcome. If you’re not then at least watch and see how it works because it might be useful for you and the idea is again to find competent brand names as I mentioned in magnet in the lesson number one but I just wanted to clarify it a bit deeper in this lesson and once we find those keywords in the magnet but what are the them yes when you once you’re going to be searching through your magnet but in this lesson, I also want to show you which competent brand names are to use and which are not which are going to be more beneficial to us and which are not going to be really beneficial to us. And first we’ll need two things really the magnet and Amazon and X ray. So let’s sign in again into helium 10. Here we have the magnet if you’ve missed there’s lesson number one for magnet that we have spoken previously. And it’s all going to be in the playlist for this free course which are now on the free course of human civilization. So we’re now in magnet which is the key word Research and the next thing we need to do is to find those competent brand names and usually how to find them and what is competent brand names at all. So thing is sometimes after a while on the platform a specific brand is going to get name you know it’s going to get more searches people are going to speak word to mouth and people are going to start searching for this product with the brand name for example but stick a kitchen knife and there’s going to be a brand name super knives and when time super knife is going to get more sales is going to be more known in the social media is going to be known more come on to the customers that bought it and they’re just going to go and say you know, this super knives brand is super cool. So go and buy it, people are going to search for it and stuff like that. And this will also develop a new keyword on the platform. And we can technically take advantage of that and rank for this keyword as well against us as I mentioned before, but pretty nice technique. Let me show you how to do it in the best way because not always the brands that are going to appear are going to be useful for us. So let me explain you exactly what I mean. So we have the magnet open. Let’s go to amazon.com and type in kitchen knife right as we previous Did your neck fear bold, the, you know the kitchen knives. And again, I’m going to open the X ray. If you have landed on this lesson for the first time, or you’re not exactly sure is going to be up here link in the description lesson about x ray, which is not connected to the course is a general lesson that I’ve created for X ray where you can deeply search learned about the student. But again, this tool gives you a bird’s eye view of all the market. And here we have all the products that are mentioned on this page and how many products we have here at this point about 5051 five, and we’re going to see them in the bird’s eye view. But what we need to do in order to find our brand names, the ones that are good, we’re gonna segment it by sales, because we want to see the ones that sell more. Usually these are the ones that are gonna have also higher search volume in their brand names, and we’re going to identify that but remember, we’re also in our course we’re selling a knife, which is not a bundle. It’s a knife that costs between about 20 and $30. And it’s a similar knife. I just remember that we need to find competitors that are similar, you know, you don’t really want to be competing with a knife sharpener or a knife. There’s $13 it’s not exactly our kind of knife although We still might be competing with them but want to compete and find the keywords relevant to whatever we are selling and then hence the convergence may be higher because these knives are what people are looking for and let’s just check out the competitors now and see which are good for us or not and see their brand names so we have a sharpener here we have this $13 we have a knife set all right, we have a 34 bucks knife which pretty much looks like our knife you know like singular knife which is a chef’s knife in the kitchen and this is a by a brand called Victorino. Now if you’re not familiar with Victorinox it’s a pretty big brand but let me show you what I do here in magnet in magnet I’m going to type in kitchen knife to find all the keywords connect to kitchen knife but I will also include the brand name victory notes on notice it here but in the once we get all the results in the advanced filters I’m going to type in victory notes I already have it saved here Click on Apply and we have now 28 keywords was submitted by search volume. I think it already was and we have a keyword victory looks chef knife usually when a brand gets established on Amazon, people are going to search for it as brand name plus product name or product name plus brand name so sometimes gonna be Jeff Knight victory note or it might be as you can see your KitchenAid victory knocks you see it still gets some search volume or victory knocks Jeff now Victor in this kitchen let’s go identify some good for us Do we want to compete against this phrase or this brand let’s click on Open the Amazon awesome we have the keyword over here with doing x Jeff knife and we have the amount of choice for this one but let me show you what’s the problem with this keyword see all the products here I buy victory victory Knox victory next victory now victory knocks and victory knock skips victory missing down the page. And probably you will not have chance to read here even because the brand build really strong authority for this keyword. And it’s just the same products, although it’s also huge brand experiences like real big worldwide brands. So the chance that your product is going to land here and that you will rank it it’s going to be hard for you and maybe it’s not the best idea to because you see it’s down up down until all the pages victory knocks Yes. So chances that you’re going to rank here are really really Because the relevancy of this brand here is very high and the authority of this brand in this keyword is very high so this brand might not be the best for us but let’s continue looking for others so we’re in Amazon here and we stopped on the victory there’s the set which is not that good for us and we have the guy Mr. DeMarco knife right so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take his brand name here Mr. Koo and we’re going to go to the magnet and instead of using victory notes as the phrase that contains we’re going to use the model perfect we also have 28 results and we have a marked chef knife Mark knife imarco Pro and and so in this case we still have a pretty good volume keyword which 1287 searches per month and it is a branded keyword Mr. Cook chef knife there’s also probably Marco knives you see Mr. Cook knife set which is not that connected but Mr. Cook chef knife let’s go and open what’s there on Amazon for this keyword and we see that there is the market the same knife and it’s the choice because that’s what usually people buy but what’s the nice thing about these counter keywords and this one specific that the next competitors that come or not Mr. Cool you see there are many like fantech and foxtel, and some Machar, different knives at all la Vinci you see like the the brands, oh, there’s another market. Yes, just one. And mostly these are different knives, you don’t have much of this same brand. And this keyword will be more relevant for us if you want to use this technique. And again, it’s a bit sneaky, but nevertheless, you can use it and try it because there is not much competition you’re from the same brand like yes, there is search for this brand because as you can see this brand this This product has about 2200 reviews. So it needs to be on the market for a pretty long time been selling well established some name, but it’s not a huge product line like victory notes. So technically, here’s gonna be easier for us to rank and to show our product here. As you can see, these guys are probably they’re using their product name somewhere, either on the front end of the listing or somewhere on the back end. And that’s a bit of a sneaky technique. Another sneaky technique that I’ve mentioned before is actually on your product listing. So let’s say that this was our product listing let’s just get inside this product. Let’s say that would be your product. See how else can you say take advantage of this competent or named thing? This is even more sneaky. But what you can do is try to index the ski or summer in your questions and answers. For example, again, if you get somebody to ask a question for you, and you can include the brand name here, and some people even take it a step further, and they can leave a link to a specific product, right. And this might give the algorithm again, chance to rank you there or sometimes in in reviews, you can use this sneaky technique in order to sometimes you can even leave your own products by leaving links, but you can do that in the reviews or in the question actually, there is a slight chance that is also going to rank you because it also gets read in the algorithm, the questions and answers and the reviews and all the stuff but usually we use it on the back end of the listing. So let me just save this keyword right for example in the saving mark with Chef Knife because we did see that it’s good. We’re going to go to excel and create some new sheet and let’s Competitors competitive or competitor keywords, something that they’re just doing this competitor keywords. Again, this is up to you if you want to use it. It’s against us. Many people do that I use that as well. But up to you if you want to try and then we have the phrase, we have Marco kitchen knife, you can do the search volume as well. Remember with the Excel, you’re welcome to play as you wish it’s up to you. So let’s just save this one, what you want to do is again, when you’re going to be filtering your magnet keywords, you will leave out the brand names. And then if you want to take this technique, and this approach will go and check out which brand names are easier for you to rank for. Again, not super authoritative, huge worldwide brands going to be hired for better small brands. And you can get a small cut of the pie from there. And now up here we’re going to find the lesson number six, we’re going to be speaking about competence or density. And we’re going to see how we take advantage of density in order to understand their niche better and all this good stuff. So please watch now. See you there.