Compelling, Persuasive, and Powerful

Tips inspired by the book, “How to Speak so People Listen: Grab Their Attention and Get Your Message Heard” by Mike Clayton.

How to speak. So people listen. One Minute Tips, people will listen to you when you make your message compelling, persuasive, and powerful. And the compelling, persuasive, powerful framework is at the heart of how to speak so people listen. compelling first, compelling is about structure and sequence by structuring and sequencing your message. Well, you compel people to listen from one idea to the next. And to help them give them links from one idea to the next. And also throw in some tension, so that people want to hear what’s coming next. persuasive. There are three secrets to persuasion that are discovered by the ancient Greeks and articulated by Aristotle. And in Greek, they’re called ethos, logos, and pathos. ethos is all about establishing your character why people should Listen to you, who you are, what you know, and what your credibility is. Logos is about the ideas themselves. It’s the logic, it’s the analysis, and it’s the facts that you present and how you present them. But have you ever noticed that sometimes you present a powerful argument, but people aren’t persuaded? That’s because we rarely make up our minds based on logic. Instead, we base ideas, AI and our decisions upon emotion. And that’s the role of pathos to appeal to people’s emotions. And finally, make your message powerful. Use strong direct language that conjures up images in people’s minds. And make sure that you understand the psychology of persuasion and influence. When you combine compelling, persuasive, and powerful speech, then people will listen