Commitment, Accountability & Progress

Anytime we’re making a commitment to do something, our willingness and our ability to execute what we’ve committed to is critically important. And so is our willingness to do what we said we were gonna do. I want to invite you now to make a no excuses commitment to executing your game plan as best as possible, in fact, executing it 100% This does not guarantee your goal will happen. But if you do execute your plan, you’ll know that you did everything in your power to do this. So if you read the commitment, it says I commit myself 100% spirit, mind, heart and body to achieving my primary goal in the next 30 days. That means doing everything in your power to make that happen. And if you’re willing to make that commitment, and only if I invite you to sign this and put a date on it, if you’re not sure, I encourage you to say no Not sure and write that on there. Because at least you’ll be clear with yourself. So I don’t want to talk you into saying yes, you have to do this in the next 30 days. The focus of this is evolution every 30 days. But it also needs to be true. If you know you’re about to go on a three week vacation, and this is a goal that maybe should be for the following month, then that’s more accurate, and you can still move towards it. But you can be clear with yourself, say, yeah, I’m just going to move towards it. I’m not fully committed to it this month. Integrity yourself, is huge. Now, if you’re open to doing this, find yourself an accountability partner. It could be somebody you see who’s taking this program who’s maybe made some comments here or in the community and find somebody who you know, that you’re going to report to them, whether they’re doing something or not, whether they do their plan or not, that you’re going to report to them that you’re doing In your plan, and you’re giving them updates of what you’re doing. And in the wording of this, it kind of assumes that you have somebody who’s working on this with you. So if you can encourage somebody else to do this work as well, that can be very powerful. But you might not have somebody who’s doing this. And it might be as simple as you ask somebody, is it okay, if I email you once a week to let you know where I’m doing, and where I’m going on this project. Because I want to make sure I’m doing this, I respect your opinion. And I want to make sure that I’m reporting to somebody who I’m going to feel kind of a little bad if I don’t keep up to my word, and I don’t do what I say what I’m going to do. And then finally, I’m gonna invite you to make progress reports here, on your piece of paper. These are gonna be the progress reports, you’re going to be emailing to the person you’re keeping in touch with. And I also encourage you to put your progress updates in a very short form, whatever you feel like sharing, comfortable sharing and inside the area below as well. People will support you, people won’t encourage you, if you’re sharing what you’re doing, people will be likely to help you if they’re able to do so. And this is where we really get over that last part of just having something like a personal growth book that maybe we’ve read that’s sitting on our shelf and we haven’t taken action on. This is where we need that support, whether it’s from simply reporting to somebody, or share with somebody what you’re doing. And if you don’t know somebody who you can report with, send me an email, or communicate with me through the website. And I’ll see if I can find somebody for you. And if not, you can do that with me. So I invite you to get clear on this about your commitment to yourself. I invite you to really take this seriously and not sign it until you’re ready but do if you are Look forward to as always helping you create the life you most desire. Now we’re gonna look at some of the tools in the next section that you can use to help you make sure this gets implemented. I honor you for your work. And I thank you for your commitment and afford forward to helping you create the life you most desire one month at a time.