Coming to Your Senses

Coming to our senses means learning through mindfulness, learning to approach our experience in new ways. It’s a moment by moment, non judgmental awareness of what’s going on in our body, our body sensations, our thoughts and our emotions. This can be done formally or informally. Formal meditation practice involves body scanning. In order to body scan, it’s a case of thinking or concentrating on each part of your body, and working through your body systematically from head to turn off from toe to head, placing your focus of attention there, and registering any sensations. If there are no sensations, simply noticing, it’s moving your attention through your body in a mindful way. It’s also concentrating on how you’re sitting, and how you’re breathing and informal practice is more about awareness of present moment experiences during daily life. Mindfulness is about learning to approach your experience of life in new ways. Mindfulness is about paying attention, on purpose by slowing down, or stopping any brain chatter. Mindfulness is about automatic or habitual reactions, slowing those down, or stopping them altogether so that you can experience the present moment as it really is. Mindfulness is about awareness. It’s awareness of emotions and thoughts. It’s an awareness of those emotions and thoughts on a moment by moment basis. It’s awareness of what’s going on in your body with your thoughts in a non judgmental way. It’s also awareness of how you’re using your emotions and your body to maintain an open curiosity about what’s going on around you and in your life.