Closing Lecture

So well done, you’ve come to the end of the of the course. And as I told you right at the start of the course, it really is a kind of crash course in online course, ideation research, curriculum construction, rapid recording to a high quality, and then editing the material, really in the minimum way, but to get the right result for online course making. And the advantage of this approach is that you don’t procrastinate too much. You actually really do produce courses that are good quality at a pace that engage audiences that engage students that give them learning outcomes, because you’ve thought things through, but then you haven’t messed around too much in terms of actually delivering what really matters inside any online course, which is the actual educational content and you can didn’t get trapped in all the jungle of the minutia that can creep into reality. According to equipment, construction to instructional design, and all sorts of byways and alleyways, in editing, so it is a Crash Course Guide. And it’s a crash course method actually, to making high quality educational content. So I hope it’s been useful for you. Now, you know, this course is self contained on madbright. You know, you have everything you need now to go ahead and use the math of which I actually taught you. But if you’d actually like to progress more, and get more resources and more help from me, and from brilliant to the, the business that I’ve launched online, specifically, for course makers, then why don’t you head over to brilliant check out the membership plans there. If they look of interest, then by all means, you know, join us and get access to all the resources to community, the extra help the feedback and stuff like that that we offer. Yeah, but Wishing you a great day. And thank you very much for joining me through the life of this course. Take care.