Clarify Your Message

Hey guys, this is patrias. And in this lesson, I want to talk to you about clarifying your message. Now, you probably have a lot of experience, where you could probably write about different topics, relationships, careers, you name it. And you might even have three, four books within you. But the biggest mistake people make is they want to fit everything into this one book, your first book. And that’s a big mistake. Because when people are looking for books, they’re looking to solve one problem. And they want one solution, and that one solution is your story, and is coming from you. But, you know, you want to make sure that you’re clarifying your message, and that it’s simple, easy for people to process. So what is that one message? What is the one thing that you’d want to share with somebody? The one thing where you know, that you shit your kids, and if you don’t have kids, you know, what would it be anyway? For your grandkids, or for leaving your legacy? You know, what some one message that, you know, if you had to die today, that you’d want everybody to know, that would probably be the best starting place. Now, if you’re still stuck, we can go even further. You know, what do you fams a, your friends and family excuse me, compliment you the most? Do they see you the most fashionable? Or you cook, you know, the best certain type of food? Or, you know, you have good color coding? Like, what is it? Could it be that even like the country for career advice, because they always see that you’re always making the right moves in your job. You know, this is something that people come to you for help is something that you find easy that other people find hard. In this you can find anywhere. And again, you want to find something that you’re passionate about. Because it doesn’t have to be related to your work profession or your your business. You know, it could be anything, like I had a sales coach that I was helping, and she wanted to write about debt, because debt was such a big part of her that was eating her up that she wanted to share a story. And that was her first book, you know, or like it Oh, there’s another example. The one thing and it was written by Gary Keller in from Keller Williams, which is a big realty in the US and probably the world. And he could have written about how to sell a house or how to buy a house, and he will be successful. But what he did was he wrote about the one thing, basically, the one goal that everybody needs to have, in order to achieve everything. And he gave a whole mythology of how to develop habits. That book ended up becoming successful in Wall Street Journal, because because he shared about a principle of value that he had. That’s not really Kundera connected to his job. But it’s connected to the way he lives life. And now the way a lot of millions of people do. So find that principle that value that theme that you want to share in your book. No, and the big like, again, the biggest mistake people make is that the one put everything into one book. And that is very hard. You know, if you want to target everyone, you’re going to connect with nobody. So again, clarify your message, make it simple. Find the one thing that goes along across your life or the lessons that you’re trying to share. Make sure ask family and friends, they will probably give you feedback that you know you would have never guessed. And again, make note of things that people come to you for problems to solve, because that could be your first sign of first signal of your first book. So it now in the next lesson, you’re going to learn on how to position your book and how to market your book. But in the meanwhile, make sure to get a piece of paper right now and write down what is the one thing that one message you want to share to the world and I’ll see you in the next lesson.