Choose the Way you Handle a Problem: Six Ways to Respond to a Problem

Tips inspired by the book, “Powerhouse: Turbo Boost Your Effectiveness and Start Making a Serious Impact” by Mike Clayton.

How to Choose the way you handle a problem like a powerhouse when shift happens, powerhouse dives in, but a powerhouse knows that before they get their sleeves rolled up they must first take time to consider what mode of response will get the best results. And there are six powerhouse modes for how to respond to a situation. The first mode is leader mode. Sometimes people need to know that you the powerhouse are in charge in control because without a sense that someone is in control, we lose all faith and all confidence. Leader mode is for giving confidence. When the situation is unclear, the mode you need is exploration mode. Exploration mode is about investigation. It’s about experimentation. It’s about it’s about making the time to understand the situation. When you need to do things by the book, the mode choose his process mode. Sometimes there is a procedure to follow there is a right way and a wrong way to handle the situation. Crisis Management is often about following a series of steps to make sure we get things right and powerhouse knows that there is a time to improvise, there is sometimes a time to follow the procedures. When you know what the problem is, and you need to find a solution. You need fix it mode. Fix it mode is about creative thinking. And it’s about trying out new ideas. Lots of different ideas will allow you to hone them down to the rights solution. When there’s real danger, there’s only one mode to choose crisis mode. crisis mode is about taking control, giving instructions and making sure people do things as you say, you need to evaluate the situation quickly. And you need to tell people clearly what to do. crisis mode is not about giving people autonomy. Sometimes it’s just about saving their lives. The final mode is support mode. powerhouse doesn’t always need to take control powerhouse doesn’t always need to take charge. Sometimes, the people who are working with you know exactly what they need to do and all they need from you is your support, your help your assistance, your access to resources, and perhaps just your moral emotional support. If you can provide this for your followers, that’s what they need. So powerhouse knows there are six different ways to respond to a problem. And a powerhouse also knows that in doing so, it was make the right choice, they will take time to evaluate and choose from leader mode, exploration mode, process mode, fix it mode, crisis mode or support mode, six modes that allow powerhouse to respond to a problem effectively