Change Your Heart and Mind

Hi and welcome to another video on you first need to change your heart and mind in order to avoid fear. Let me just start with the small story but it is a beautiful story once there was a most was very afraid of okay. So he went into he just made a magician the magician took pity upon this mouse and transformed him into again. After he became a cat. This cat was afraid of a dog. So the magician once again to PD and change this cat into a dog. And after I became a dog, it was still afraid of the tiger. Now the magician and thought of the entire situation and for the most no matter even if I change you into a tiger you still have the heart of a mouse. This story may be short But the model is very powerful. We think that to avoid a fear that if we rise to some high position in life is going to feed off or if we start to become very rich, all the fear that if we used to be fading away, it is not like the fear will not fade, no matter whatever situation or no matter the times have passed. We need to understand this properly. And clearly. At this time, I also I also want to elevate some important aspect but it is again of controversy, controversy subject that I’ll speak to you, you go and they you have heard many things say go and stand in front of the mirror. Tell yourself every day or at least by different names that I am confident, I am good, I am brave, so long later Your mind will catch hold of the things and that your life will change. Why do you really have to do this? If you are confident inwardly? Do you really need to stand in front Have the middle and do this again and again. And another most important thing that I have heard in my life is your mind will not know the difference between good and a bad situation. It just adapts or it listens to whatever you tell it consciously and unconsciously. Maybe some things are true about that you may be able to speak your mind. But you will have to understand that you can fake your mind or you can teach your mind but you will not be able to cheat your heart. This is the most important thing that I want you to remember. You can never ever cheat your heart. If you act in front of others or others like that. You are a person who is very good, who is confident you just walk like this out, you’re just like this. But sooner or later Your heart will tell you that you are all just lying and you’re the same old idiot who’s already been there for years together. So I just want you to understand something I want you to build a proper foundation first before start To read a big building, focus on the foundation focus on your heart, your mind your spirit and soul into make it bolder and braver that no matter whatever the situations comes in, you will be able to handle it better. This is one of the important things that I wanted to speak of. And there are many marketing strategies also that comes into play here. You would have heard many great advertisements that yes, it is simply asking you that if you are fairer or if you look good things will change. Or if you buy a costly dress, you’re on finitude increase or you become fearless or you buy a very costly issues people will judge you based upon this shoes is nothing like that. The more things you buy like that the more profit is going to go to the person who sells it for you. That’s all other than that it is nothing after the new chamas period, you’re still Okay, it is only for your society and for status you do all those things. But inside, when the question is been asked, the answer is always, no, I am still still afraid. And I’m still going through the journey that you’re moving towards fearlessness is a very long path, I want to just tell you the various trends. And I cannot tell you that after this course is over that you will become fearless. Everything will change around you notice. This course is only just a journey or a path that I can give you. The real work suddenly you have to do the journey of fearlessness, or the journey of self development is like climbing a great mountain. There are no shortcuts to any or everything like this. If you want to be fearless, you need a great deal of patience in your life. You need a great deal of awareness in your life. And also, you first of all have to make up your mind that it is going to be painful, but after all, Just pain have passed your life in definitely be beautiful. Be prepared to face this pain. Don’t just sugarcoat nice that everybody does or what you wanted to do. Truth is truth. No matter how hard it is, and nice, no matter how hard you sugarcoat it, it is still the same place. So my dear friends, just keep it in your mind. at many times, don’t just try to fake your life or anybody or anything. Try to live your life with genuine 80 and authenticity. So it will be good for you. Thanks for listening to this video. I will see you the next one. Bye bye