Case Study 1: The Teacher and the Executive

You ever feel like you’re working way too hard to make something happen like you’re struggling and it’s just not working out for you. I want to tell you a very simple but powerful story about somebody I know that ran into that, and how they were able to address it. And all centers around creating a lifestyle that we most want, and how much we have to wait for it or not wait for it. So a lot of us have been raised to believe that everything takes hard work. Now, I want to be clear, most things that are worth doing, at some point, do require hard work. Usually you’ve got to break the gravity of some situation, get out of habit or rut and make something happen. But not everything that’s worth having. takes a whole lot of effort forever. And more importantly, delaying gratification in and of itself is not always the best answer. Sometimes it’s necessary to wait to get what we want. And sometimes we can have it pretty much right away. If we shift the way we see See things. So I’ll tell you a story about a teacher and a young executive now. So the young executive was working at a company, doing pretty well financially, probably making about twice as much as the friend the teacher was making. The executive had a goal to live on the beach. And the young executive was looking at the property values and thought, okay, if I save my money, and do the math, probably by the time I’m 50, I can live on the beach and this young executive was 25. At the time, the executive has this 25 year plan to live on the beach. And in the meanwhile, young executives living in a smart part of town in other words, there’s good property values of properties going to praise and the net profit is going to praise and then he can use that money to eventually buy another property. And he’s putting aside money in his 401k. And he savings mutual funds is doing all these different things to get him so he can eventually live on the beach. They’re responsible, he’s caring within the lines. He’s doing all the things that most people teach do is putting aside 10% of his money, all good things, things that we want to do. So one day the teacher has a get together teacher says, Hey, I have to get together a little party for a small group of people at my place, if you want to come on over, come on. And so the executive Jessie address and goes there, and is shocked to find that the teacher is living two blocks from the beach and doesn’t understand how is this possible, but pretty quickly able to figure it out. Teachers living in a one bedroom studio apartment, not a huge house. But the teacher, the single teacher doesn’t need a huge house. And the teacher might not be looking right over the ocean, but the teacher is two blocks away. And so in less than five minutes, the teacher can be on the beach every morning if they want. Teachers making about half of what the executive is making. And the teacher has already achieved what this young executive wants to achieve. See, he really wasn’t concerned with owning the house on the beach. He really wasn’t concerned with whether or not he got property or the value of the property or that he could afford a house on the beach. He wanted the experience, simply put, wanted to be able to live on the beach or near the beach, close enough that he could go and experience sunrises, lives on the East Coast wants to be able to see that when he can be on the beach, walk on the beach, do all these things without having to get in his car and drive 45 minutes like he currently had to. And so it was just a very simple conversation of looking at how is this person the teacher so focused and so clear about exactly what they want, they could write for it, versus the executive who kind of knows what they want and they’ve they’ve got a very specific vision, it’s got to look a certain way. And yet with a slight shift in the vision, that executive was able to then later live on the beach. When he wanted to, and has multiple times, living on the beach in different parts of the world I happen to know I’m that executive. Once I found out my teacher was friend was doing that. I was able to live on the beach in Florida. And in Lima, Peru, where my wife’s originally from, and just different times, I’ve never owned a place in the beach still don’t own a place in the beach, as able to experience it. I Shakur rented what a concept and was able to do that. And so something as simple as getting really clear what I most wanted, kept me from the countless mistakes I made, including trying to make too much money too quickly in the stock market and losing a bunch of money by trying to force my ability to earn the right to own that place on the beach. But again, I wasn’t really looking to own the place in the beach, just wanted to be near the beach. And so now at different times, I’ve spent a little over four years of my life actually no five years of my life, living on or near the beach, and really enjoyed it and now I don’t live on it. I live right near it’s a few minutes way. And so this is just a simple sense and understanding of sometimes things we are looking to do aren’t that difficult. So when I talk to you about creating a four day workweek lifestyle, I want you to understand, I’m not looking to make this, this huge rocket science project where you need to become a doctor or a surgeon or something like that, to make enough money and make this happen. I’m going to be showing you fundamentally sound ways to get what you most want. Now, you might say, Wait, I don’t even want to work four days, my kids are in school. So I want to simply be off the days that my kids are off, and I want to work that my days my kids are at school. Well, hopefully, if you’re doing that, you might have already figured out that, hey, being a teacher, or being in the administration at a school might be one of the answers that helps do that if that’s specifically what you want, or you could start your own business. But in all of that, you’d also want to make sure that if you’re a teacher, let’s say Geez, that example that you made enough money so that when summer comes around, you don’t have to get a second job and you can actually take the summer off. So a lot of this is about just being very clear about what you want, and making it very possible to happen by understanding precisely what you want, and not getting caught up in anybody else’s definition, even your own definition or vision of what it needs to look like. And I hope you find the story helpful. I want to make it very clear, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon or a doctor to make this happen and have this huge lifestyle. You also don’t have to be a beach bum or a surfer to make it happen and and live in a shack next to the beach. There’s there’s in betweens, there’s ways Whatever you’re looking to accomplish. That is possible. You know, it’s funny, so many of my friends who are beach volleyball players already have created something very similar to a four day workweek lifestyle. And it just amazes me that it’s so easy for them to do it. Because it’s on their radar. That’s what they’re focused on. And then so many my executive friends that are making three, five 10 times what some of my beach volleyball buddies are making don’t have the lifestyle they want. So again, this is not about money, it can be about money and again, more money. Cool, always a good thing. But overall this is about you getting clear about what you most want to create for you and or your loved ones or your family to enjoy the life you most desire.