2.4 Buying From For-Profit Companies That Support Your Values

Supporting causes that you believe in isn’t limited to giving time or money to nonprofit organizations. For profit companies may be another way for you to promote your values and causes. Examples include companies that provide shoes or glasses to those in need when you buy shoes or glasses from that company. One of my clients donates a portion of food sales from our cafe to anti human trafficking agencies. Some companies set up foundations they fund from their profits are regularly give to certain organizations. You may want to support companies that consistently give back time and money to your local community. There’s even a new Corporation type that is driven by both mission and profit, B corporations or B corpse for short or benefit corporations. B corpse are corporations that have been certified as a B Corp by private certification companies or via state entity selection. Shareholders hold the company accountable to produce some public benefit in addition to a financial profit. Be lab a nonprofit company that supports the B Corp structure defines them as for profit companies that want to consider additional stakeholders morals or missions in addition to making a profit, be corpse have higher transparency and accountability to this public benefit. Examples of large B corpse include method Kickstarter Patagonia and King Arthur flour. You make many purchases today that you could switch to a company that provides a good or service a product as well as promoting a public benefit you support. You can find a listing and B corporations via the B Corp directory link and the charitable organizations information websites document from an earlier lecture.