Book Positioning (Know Your Audience)

Hey guys, welcome back. Now in this lesson, I’m going to teach you on how to position your book. And you might be wondering, what do you mean by position your book? Well, just imagine you’re at the bookstore, right? Let’s imagine just this shelf, you see all these books? Now? Where would your book be? How are you going to position it? Is it going to be in the self help category? Or is it going to be in the relationship book or career book? Where’s your book? How would you position your book, if you were at the bookstore, you know, what areas, that’s what it means, by positioning your book. for it, you’re also positioning, positioning yourself in the whole marketplace, you know, you don’t want to just write a book and put it out there, in its nose first is their market, and to hardwire it in the market. So that’s why we’re doing this video. Now, the first thing you need to know is, is to understand who is your audience? Now, you cannot write to just anybody. I mean, you probably could, but you won’t connect with anyone. And you probably gonna start doing a lot of research, like for hours and hours, like trying to figure out who your audiences, but I have a simple answer for that. It’s you, you are your own audience, you know, the pains, the struggles, the dreams of somebody who wants to solve a problem, it’s probably something you’ve already overcome, you probably did it many years ago. But you have to know that there’s some people right now that are going through it right now, something that you had overcome two years ago. So that is why I say you are your own best audience. And after all, you know, if you’re writing a, let’s say, a relationship book, somebody’s reading a book for a woman that’s in their 50s is different than reading a book for somebody in their, you know, 20s, right out of college, different mindsets. And so you want to make sure that you’re targeting the right audience, who’s more aligned to yours. So knowing your audience is a big thing. The next thing, or I guess the biggest mistake people make is, they try to target everyone. Like, the biggest mistake I see from authors is like, they don’t want to miss out, they want to talk this person they want, they want to make sure they take the whole general population. But as I said, in the other video, if you target everyone, you connect with no one, because again, it’s different mindsets. And, you know, it’s like I said, like, you know, somebody who’s getting out of college, they probably open to dating and you know, you know, wanting to try different relationships. For some of us in the 50s, they might already have to the kids, maybe they’ve been divorced once or twice, like it’s a different place. And maybe they’re looking for somebody to just partner with and have stability and enjoy the rest of their lives. And maybe have mixed, mixed up with kids, depending on, you know, what other person brings in the family. So different mindsets. And that’s why, you know, you have to research and understand your market. You know, go on Amazon, go on Google, see what there is. Now, you might be thinking like, oh, mine does not have a mark, it’s brand new, and I’m just going to be the trendsetter. I could tell you, that’s a bad idea. If you’re researching in this new market for your book, you know, you want to think twice, that’s usually a red flag, it means that either somebody has tried it and it hasn’t worked, or there’s just no demand for it. And so I really suggest going for somewhere where there is a market, so at least you know that you can do relatively well. So that is what it means to position your book. And what I’m suggest is go to Amazon, look at the different categories, look at the different books, get a feel that maybe write down a few books that you think your book might be more close to in terms of topic, and tapping tapping on Google about your topic. And in fact, I would say go to the bookstore if you haven’t if he wants to only nowadays, but go to the bookstore, and actually look around and just browse and see where your book might fit in. So again, make sure to position your book, do not start writing without understanding your market. You don’t do marketing. After you’re done with your book, you do marketing before it and this is the stage. So again, position your book, know that you are your own audience, and make sure you look around and you see what it is in the market so that you are better able to position yourself in it. I hope you enjoyed this video. And in this way in the next lesson, you’re going to learn how to further improve on your book writing.