Book of Ruth: Introduction

Hi, my name is Ruth. I am one of the women who had a book of the Bible dedicated to me. I lived in Moab when I met Naomi and her sons. I married one of Naomi’s sons. Unfortunately, he died. Naomi was from Israel. She came to Moab because of a famine in her land. When the famine was over, I decided to come to Israel with her. I became a believer in the God of Israel through my husband. At first Naomi told me to stay in Moab. However, I loved Naomi and could not let her to home alone. In Israel. I’m at my second husband, Louis, and together we created the bloodline to cam David and then to God’s Messiah Jesus. Come learn about my story as you will be led by Dr. Michael Copeland through the language and culture of my book, the book.