Book of Ruth: Chapter 2

Welcome to discovering biblical treasures part two of our four part series on the book of Ruth. In chapter two, Ruth goes out to clean the fields of Boaz, Boaz takes notice of what Ruth was doing. He not only allows her to clean the field, he believes that Ruth is bringing righteousness upon him. Ruth stood by her mother in law when she did not have to. She converted to Judaism when she married her husband, Naomi son, and by coming to Judea with Naomi, she demonstrated her love for the Lord. Let us come together and ask questions about the chapter. Then Boaz said to his servant who was in charge of the Reapers, whose young woman is this, the servant in charge of the Reapers replied she is the young mo by a woman who were Turned with Naomi from the land of Moab. Why did Boaz ask who Ruth was? Boaz asked this question because he felt an attraction to Ruth. He wanted to know if she was a Hebrew, the targum adds the words and became a prasiolite. This phrase indicates that even though Ruth was immobile, she had converted to the religion of the Hebrews. Therefore, when Boaz married Ruth, he did not violate the Torah, which told the people of Israel not to marry Moabite women. Let your eyes be on the field which they read and Bill after them. Indeed, I have commanded the servants not to touch you. When you are thirsty, go to the water jars and drink from what the servants draw well as recognized Ruth is having a generous heart and she was a righteous woman. Boaz knew that if a righteous woman was gleaming his fields that she would be a blessing to him. Then she fell on her face falling to the ground and said to him, why have I found favor in your sight that you should take notice of me since I am a foreigner but as was a very wealthy man who lived in Bethlehem, when Naomi returned to Bethlehem with her widow daughter in law, Ruth Ruth went into the fields of blast ugly, but as learned that roots deceased husband was a distant relative of his gleaning was very common in roots day. The reprints would go into the field for the harvest, whatever was left, and whatever fell from there Hands was left for the women who did the gleaning. This was a form of charity for the poor. Food was scarce. And if a person was poor, they would go without food for days. So the poor, we glean the fields, random acts of kindness always have a payoff. In the case of Ruth, her kindness to her mother in law, Naomi translated into an unexpected win. But as took an interest in her because the righteousness that Ruth showed, not only did she help her mother in law, which she was not obligated to do, but she also asked for permission to glean the fields, again, something that she did not have to do. The world would be a better place if all of its inhabitants lived by the idea of showing kindness. We have reached the end of our examination of chapter two of the book of Ruth. I do hope that you have found it educational and informative. There are two more episodes to the book of Ruth. So God bless Hope to see you in Episode Three. Shalom.