Book of Jonah: Chapter 4

Thought about my own people who refused to obey the laws of the Lord God, we had received His commandments and His Torah. We received the promised land that he had promised to our father Abraham. He took us out of the clutches of slavery in Egypt and offered us salvation at Mount Sinai. But over the years returned to sin. We were not as wicked as the people of Nineveh. However, sin was in my country, I started to feel like a traitor to my own people. For many years, groups of ninevites soldiers would attack our northern border, they would steal our food and rape our women. Our army was not strong enough to fight off the ninevites yet here I was in the city of Nineveh, saving it from the wrath of the Lord God. The more I thought about what God had me do, the more displeased and angry I became. I am not sure whether I was angry. myself at the Lord God, were at my own people. I tried to avoid taking the message of salvation to our enemies in the Lord God wanted this to be done and sent a large fish after me. After being in the belly of that large fish for three days, I had to do what Lord God said or die in that fish. But every time I thought about it got angry. So I prayed to the Lord God and asked him if he would take my life and not deserve to live because I felt like such a traitor to my own people. I know that I was serving the Lord God, but I just couldn’t help feeling this way. I believe that death was better for me than to continue to live a life as a trader, a long way back to the northern kingdom of Israel. So I decided that since evening was upon me, I would stay Nineveh. I went outside the eastern gate of the city and set up a shelter for myself so that I could get some sleep that night. As I was sleeping, I heard a voice call out my name, Jonah, Jonah. This time I knew it was the Lord God calling my name. So I answered, and the Lord God said to me, the big reason to be angry, I decided that I was going to stay in My shelter even if it took several days to see what was going to happen to the city of Nineveh, perhaps after a day or so they would go back to their evil ways and the Lord God would strike them down like he did to Sodom and Gomorrah. during the evening the Lord God anointed a plant and it grew up over me and became a shade over my head. And easterly wind had blown that night and it took off the roof of the shelter that I had built. If it was not for the plant that the Lord God had given to me, the night would have been uncomfortable. I was happy with that plant. As the sun rose in the East that morning, I was surprised to see that a worm had come and attack the plant and it had wither and die. When the sun had come up, the Lord God appointed a scorching heat, and the sun to beat down on my head so that I became faint. It was so hot that I begged the Lord God to let me die for death was better than this life that I had. I became very angry that I lost this plant that the Lord God had given to me and I felt I had a very good reason to ask the Lord God to take my life now because it would end the pain and suffering that I was going through. Again, I heard the Lord God calling out my name and that he said, have compassion on the planet for which you did not work in which you did not cause to grow, which came up overnight and perished overnight. Should I the LORD God not have compassion on the city of Nineveh, the great city in which there are more than 120,000 persons did not know the difference between the right and left hand. I wondered what the Lord was talking about. And as I thought about it, the thought occurred to me that the Lord God was teaching me another lesson. The first lesson came in the belly of the large fish when I tried to run away from the commands of the Lord God. I learned that if the Lord God speaks to me that I need to listen and to obey because He is the creator of heaven and earth and all that I am. And all that I have is because I must always show thanksgiving to the Lord God because He is always good and just the Lord God is the God of all people, not just the Hebrews living in the promised land. The second lesson was about the plant. The plants and the animals of the earth belong to the Lord God. Indeed, even people belong to the Lord God for the Torah tells us that the Lord God made us in His image. Therefore, I learned that if the Lord God wants to save a group of people like the ninevites it is not my Place to ask why or how, but rather to accept the will of the Lord God. The third lesson is that I shouldn’t be upset that these foreigners, the ninevites responded to the warning of the Lord God to change their ways. And then if he offered them salvation, for they had the free choice to say yes or no, my countrymen back in the kingdom of Israel have a choice to determine if they are going to follow the word of the Lord God which was brought to them through Moses and the prophets or were they going to reject the Lord God and continue their sinful ways. If they continue in their sinful ways. One day the Lord God will punish them in the same way he intended to punish the ninevites.