Book of Esther: Chapter 9

Well, greetings we have reached chapter nine of the Book of Esther. And here is where we get to spend a few moments talking about a really cool holiday called Purim. Now, Purim is going to occur about a month before the Passover. So it’s going to be toward the end of winter. And the word poor means lots. As in when you throw dice or you throw lots for gambling, and it’s called poor and because if you remember from previous chapters that Haman threw a lot to determine which month in which day he would carry out his execution of the Hebrew People what’s nice, what’s nice? What’s really cool about porn, if you go to a synagogue is there’s the reading of the migaila. It’s what it’s called. It’s called a Scroll of Esther the entire story is read. And the neat part about it I remember being a kid in a synagogue is they gave you what’s called grind ores or noisemakers things you spin to make noise. And anytime the name Haman was mentioned, you were supposed to make as much noise as possible. So to drown out his name. So as a kid, you could imagine being told in a somewhat worship service but more of a holiday worship service, you’re allowed to make noise. In fact, they encouraged more noise than ever, giving money gifts to at least to poor people as part of the tradition of Purim, at least in a And days I’m not sure I could say it’s done as much today. And adults usually got pretty plastered lot of wine and drink. It’s a party. So remember that these holidays are pretty simple. They tried to kill us. We won. Let’s party. And party is a wonderful thing. A traditional Purim food is called hamantashen. It’s three corners. So think of it as a triangle, pastry with some fruit usually in the center. prunes, apricots, peaches, something like that. My my grandmother used to make fantastic hamentashen it’s an open celebration. In the in the synagogue, you’re going to invite people from everywhere. It’s on the 14th day The month of Adar. You know, the enemies of the Lord’s people were destroyed through the courage of Esther. You must ask yourself, if you are that faithful to the Lord God, that you wouldn’t be willing to do something similar to Esther. When you see an injustice occurring to the Lord’s people, will you step in and try to do something about it? Hey, I’ll see you in the next chapter. Don’t forget take a look at the book learning Esther. There’s more information in the book. Take care.