Book of Esther: Chapter 8

Esther takes on the challenge from her uncle Mordecai and comes before the king and confesses their heritage and pleads for people to be saved. The King showed her Mercy by accepting by extending the scepter to her. The King honored Mordecai by giving him a signet ring, making Mordecai a powerful man of the Empire. Unfortunately, the king could not rescind his royal decree. So the king made a new world decree that the Jews of Persia were to protect themselves on the day that Haman had selected for their execution. In good Jewish fashion the holiday of Purim is they tried to kill us, God intervened. Let’s see. Esther became the savior of her people. Whatever The dangers today facing God’s people. The annihilation of the Lord’s people, both Jews and Christians in the United States and Western Europe, is coming from the culture of society. In the United States, there are groups of atheists who are forcing the government to abandon the building blocks of the government, which is the Holy Bible. Attendance and membership and synagogues and churches are dropping to dangerously low levels. How will future generations learn about the works of the Lord? If there is no one left? Tell them about it. The political infighting of these organizations need to stop and that energy should be spent on telling people about the Lord God.