Book of Esther: Chapter 7

Yeah, Welcome to Chapter seven of the Book of Esther and I’m sure you’ve read the Scripture and noticed it’s a pretty straightforward chapter. Now just to say a couple things about it. Remember Esther had to wind feasts to try to loosen up Heymans tongue, so that he would admit to the king that he had this hatred of the Jews. And that didn’t work. So Esther decided to take the risk of revealing her heritage to the king. In the latter part of the should say the end of the chapter Haman will be executed for his wickedness on the cross that he had constructed to have Mordecai killed. So We need to bear in mind what’s going on. And think about the bravery of Esther. A couple notes from the targum verse seven the targum says that the king raised his eyes and saw 10 angels resembling the 10 sons of Haman or cutting down trees from the inner garden. Later in the story of Esther, Heymans 10 sons are going to be killed, I should say word killed. Since 10 represents perfection the Lord needed to show the king and Haman was not perfection. The killing of his 10 sons demonstrated the evil in Haman. He posed as someone who was good but he was really evil. Not only did Haman lose his life, but he sacrificed his 10 sons the number 10 reminds us that evil can manifest itself in our world and look like perfection. Perfection and evil is difficult to see. When it is missed, evil can run wild. keeping faith in the works of the Lord allowed Esther to have the courage to save her people and expose the treachery of Haman. The King repaid Heymans evil with the death of his sons. The Lord gave the king this vision when he went into the garden for justice.