Book of Esther: Chapter 6

Now after six one during that night the king could not sleep. So he gave an order to bring the Book of Records, the Chronicles and they were read before the king, to what was found written what Mordecai had reported concerning big data and to rush to the Kings Unix who were doorkeepers that they had sought to lay hands on King a hash awareness. Three, the king said, What honor or dignity has been bestowed on Mordecai for this. Then the king servants who attended him said, nothing has been done for him. For so the king said, who was in the court. Now Haman had just entered the outer court of the king’s palace in order to speak to the king about hanging Mordecai on the gallows, which he had prepared for him. Five the king servants said to him, behold, Haman is standing in the court. And the king said Let him come in six. So Haman came in and the king said to him, what is to be done for the man whom the king desires to honor. And Haman said to himself, whom with the king desire to honor more than me. Seven then Haman said to the king, for the man whom the king desires to honor eight let them bring a royal robe which the king has worn, and the horse on which the king has written, and on whose head a royal crown has been placed. Nine and let the robot of course be handed over to one of the kings most noble princes, and let them array the man whom the king desires to honor and lead him on horseback to the city square, and proclaim before him that’s it shall be done to the man whom the king desires to honor 10 Then the king said Haman pay quickly the robes and the horse as you have said, and do so for Mordecai, the Jew, who is sitting at the king’s gate, do not fall short in anything of all that you have said. 11 so Haman took the robe and the horse and arrayed Mordecai and let him on horseback through the city square and proclaim before him does it shall be done to the man whom the king desires to honor 12 then Mordecai returned to the Kings gate, with Haman hurried home, boarding His head covered 13 Haman recounted his arrest his wife and all his friends everything that had happened to him. Then his wise men and Suresh his wife said to him, if Mordecai before whom you have begun to fall is of Jewish origin, you will not overcome him but will surely fall before him. 14 while they were still talking with him, the Kings Unix arrived and hastily brought Haman to the banquet, which Esther had prepared. Chapter six is an interesting chapter in that it starts with Haman who goes in to see the king and to have Mordecai killed because he did not bow to him. And instead the Qing forces Haman top honor Mordecai and the center of the chasm is how payment was to honor motor Chi. So we start with the question verse one is, Why could this king not sleep? And according to the target rashaan the angels heard a cry from the earth. They first thought it was the voices of Young goats. They came before the Lord to tell the Lord about the voices. And the Lord said to them that the voices were from the women of Israel crying out to the Lord, because of what Haman was going to have done to them. The Lord decided to send the angel of disturbance to the king, so that he could not sleep that night. In the middle of the night, the king ordered his scribe, to bring the book of the Chronicles to him. The targum shehnai says that the king couldn’t sleep that night. And it was a connection to when Sarah was taken into the house of abimelech. It was also the night when the firstborn of Egypt were slain, so the king could not sleep because of events of the past. Some additional notes from the targum Verse 11, Haman will humans leading Mordechai on a horse that he’s sitting on and he passes his house and one of his sons daughters looks down and thought that the man on the horse was her father. And she took a pot of excrement and threw some on the head of Haman was actually walking in front of the horse. Haman looked up at the daughter and said, You to my daughter, You embarrassed me, and his daughter fell from the roof and died from the balcony chamber. some thoughts about chapter six. Heyman thought he was going on honor be honored. When he learned then that he learned that it was Mordecai was to be honored. It’s an echo of where where you show it tells us that if one goes to a banquet, it is better to sit in the least essential seat be moved to a better seat by the host of the banquet. Haman thought he was going to be honored and it turned out not to be the case. Think of the embarrassment that would have happened. How many times might that have happened to you? Well, God bless and as we continue our study of the Book of Esther.